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February 15, 2019, 08:07:21 PM

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Duck Hunting On Lavon  (Read 2930 times)

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This morning just at dawn I heard the pop pop pop of a shotgun coming from the Lake.  I figured it must be Duck season.  Looking at the Corp maps I see the North end is open to hunting.

Has anyone on the list Duck Hunted on Lavon?  Is it any good?

I wondered if it was worth digging out my decoys and going out.

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Never been on lavon, but know where I've seen them.  Need to inquire as to whether you need a special lavon permit.  I've heard folks having luck.  No firsthand experience.  Leadhead00 is a duck guide.  Reasonable rates.  You could go out with him once and see what you think.  Not sure he goes to lavon.

I can show you where I've seen the duck hunters.  Just not sure when that would be.  End of December maybe.  Xmas has me pretty pinned down right now.

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You don't need a special permit for lavon just make sure you go the marine corps website and look at the map to see where duck hunting is legal. I've duck hunted on lavon before. I had good success last year because I knew where about 300 of them where roosting but someone went and shot at them while they where roosting and scared them off I have no idea where they went after that. If you just go to the north end of either fork and throw the dekes out and start calling you are likely to have at least a few fly by. good luck

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I saw two guys putting out deeks this morning and they had a dog too.  Thought it was a little late to set up but the front moving in may help them out.  They were right next to the bridge just before you get to the power plant turn off.  It is really shallow out there and there have been lots of ducks on the water there everyday.  There are several ponds right next to the lake on the west side of 380 south of the bridge that alot of people hunt.  The first pond you can drive right up to the other is hard to find if you don't know where to look.  I just can't spring the 40 bucks for licenses and stamps this close to Christmas.

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