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February 15, 2019, 08:09:58 PM

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Fixing leaky rivets  (Read 2431 times)
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Friend has a boat with rivets.  It's been leaking, so we filled it full of water ot find the leaks.  Found a few and am wondering the best way to fix these.

It's obviously been fixed before.  Looks like three types of fixes were used.  One of these fixes worked better than the others.  The others looked like eboxy and some other variation.  The one that seems to have worked the best looks almost like "bondo" used on cars.  Very solid and really adheres the metal good.  Any ideas what this might be?

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jb weld!

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When I had an aluminum boat and found rivets to be leaking, I would get a friend to hold a heavy piece of metal on one side while I hit the rivet on the other side.  This usually would fix the leaks unless there were cracks beside them.

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using a steel wire brush scuff around the rivets, using fiberglass cloth cut into squares larger than the rivets, spread epoxy over the rivets then place the squares over the rivets.  let this dry, and the rivets will no longer leak.  approximate cost  10-15 dollars.  this works very well the last one i did this way in '93 still does not leak.  just a suggestion.

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This is a website I found that addresses a lot of repairs for aluminum boats. It's a forum for these types of problems.

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