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February 16, 2019, 02:10:58 AM

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Canoe/Friday/Brockdale  (Read 2914 times)
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I don't know if it was anybody on here but last Friday someone launched from Brockdale in a canoe around 4:30. Now if you and your lady friend want to go canoeing on a white capping, 25 mph wind blown lake, that is totally your buisness, but when I heard that "TINY" child screaming bloody murder when you capsized only 50 yards from the ramp, well I watched with let's say "the upmost of concerns" as you had to swim back. I know the child had a life jacket on but come on man, THAT KID DID NOT NEED TO BE OUT THERE. I'm just glad you were not farther out than you were. You can't get a canoe upright, load two full grown people and a child in it in those conditions. I'm glad and you were lucky that nothing BAD happened. soapbox I'll get off now.

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must have been an IDIOT orangeupset

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I was there and saw it too.  Kinda felt bad for the little tyke.  He was crying and wasn't very happy after it had tipped over and couldn't have been over 3 maybe 4 years old at best.  Water was way to rough to be in a canoe.   icon_eek

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