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March 26, 2019, 10:14:44 PM

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good duck hunt  (Read 1690 times)

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well, last weekend for duck hunting on arkansas so we went to my wifes dads place and did a little hunting.  got a few gadwall and some mallard and one teal.  it was raining and calm yesterday and too warm and today the weather was perfect for hunting but the front must have pushed some ducks out and no new ones got there in time.  i am sure there will be ducks all over the place there tomorrow, but, season is out.  hunted saturday from 7-930 and today from 7-8.  wasnt much flying around today!  all those borrow pits along the mississippi make for awesome hunting though.  lots of geese but couldnt call any close enough.  

got a new favorite gun too Smiley  been shooting a benelli nova max pump but was shooting a benelli super black eagle all weekend, that thing is like shooting a BB gun even with 3 1/2" shells.  wish i had about $1500 to go buy one!  

i am ready to get on the lake and catch some blues now Smiley  the mississippi is up really good right now and in the water that turned back around the wing dams that are under water (the calm water) there were some MONSTER blues rolling near the surface feeding.  gonna take some poles wiht me when i go back next month!

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