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January 24, 2019, 05:27:11 AM

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ACATS results, 4/12 Texoma  (Read 1114 times)
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congrats to #6 Tex and Mugz.  Also check out 10th place.  2.58 lbs.....

APRIL 12 Texoma Lake

    What a beautiful day this was. I would have to say the weather on this
tournament was picture perfect. At launch time the air temperature was in the mid 50's and by weigh in it was in the low 80's. The sun was shining and the winds were blowing light.

1st Place: Jim and Bobbi McDonald,  Jim and Bobbi weighed in 1 channel and 5 blues, total weight 40.32 lbs. The team also had the biggest cat a blue that tipped the scales at 19 lbs even. 1st Place paid $420.00 and the Biggest Cat Jackpot paid $150.00 for a total winnings of $570.00 All their fish were caught on Danny Kings Catfish Punch Bait.

2nd Place: David Bryant and Robert Gray, Dave and Whity weighed in 1 channel and 9 blues, total weight 37.89 lbs. Their biggest cat 10.64 lbs.2nd Place paid $263.00

3rd Place: Chris Taylor and Doren Smith weighing in 6 blues with a combined weight of 32.45 lbs their biggest cat weighed 16.98 lbs. 3rd Place paid $157.00

4th Place: Sam Morris and John Minatrea, Sam and John weighed in 10 blues for a total weight of 24.41 lbs. They received 2 Danny King signature rods and 2 jars of Danny Kings Punch Bait.

5th Place: Larry Spillers and Danny King, Larry and Danny caught 1 channel and 9 blues, 23.79 lbs. Their biggest a 4.53 lb blue. 5th Place received 4 Jugs By Bert fishing jugs.

6th Place: Doug Elliot and Steven Garcia, Doug and Steven caught 2 channels and 2 blues, 22.70 lbs. 6th Place received a gift certificate from Bryant Marine in Noble OK 405.872.7013

7th Place: Joey Tennill and Al Hirzel, Joey and Al weighed in 2 blues, 20.03 lbs, their biggest cat weighed in at 17.41 lbs. 7th Place received 2 rod holders from Bee Ready Rod Holders.

8th Place: Paul Schweyer and Mark Hester, 3 channels and 2 blues, total weight 15.27 lbs. 8th Place received 2 Eagle Claw Rods

9th Place: Terry Mordecai and Joe Rosales, 2 channels and 1 blue 6.80 lbs they received 2- 50 count packages of Eagle Claw Hooks.

10th Place: Donald Dunn and and Tracy Hodgin, 1 channel and 1 blue 2.58 lbs. Donald and Tracy received 2 grease guns from Hydraulic Supply and Service in Dallas TX. 1.800.338.5339

You think THAT'S hard, try naming two cities in New Hampshire!
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