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February 15, 2019, 08:11:24 PM

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2003 Bass Pro Catalog is out  (Read 2026 times)

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I was in Borders this morning and saw the new Bass Pro Catalog ($5) I'll just wait until mine comes in the mail,  it did seem to have a smaller fishing section because of gifts/knick/knacks section in the back like Cabellals catalog.  Also I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the simialities between the pictures of the Cabellas stores and the Bass Pro stores(it is too close to the same and they both do not have stores in the same sections of the country i.e. Cabellas stays north modwest/west usa and basspro is south and south east )  I'm probally just reading something out of nothing but just wandering.


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I've had my catalog at least two weeks.  I can't comment on how Cabela's stores look since I've never seen one, but American ingenuity has always said, if you see something you like, take the parts you like and improve the parts you don't like.  America is about building a better mousetrap, not about reinventing the mousetrap.  

For instance, when I decided to set up my own website (before this one was even online), I looked at what I liked about others and what I didn't like, and copied that which was good and left out that which I thought could be improved upon.  I'm sure Adam and Shawn did much the same when they set this up.

*IF* I had the money, there's nothing I'd rather do than give Johnny Morris a run for his money (actually, a run for YOUR money).  I don't know which retailer came first, and it really doesn't matter.  In the end, they've both copied each other over time.

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