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February 15, 2019, 08:05:14 PM

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Free Dog to good home...  (Read 1745 times)
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I came home to my two dogs fighting.  I've had it.  One needs to go elsewhere.  She's a GOOD dog, honest.

She needs to be the only dog.  Cats don't bother her.  It's a dominance issue and my other dog can hold her own.  However, I have a baby and the fights are over a FREAKING CORN HUSK from a tamale that was in the trash.  

Betty is an aggressive dog.  She'll jump in your lap and run you ragged.  She's NEVER attacked me or my wife, but my baby will be a toddler soon and she cannot hold her own if the dog got jealous.  I think a kid over 5 would be perfectly fine with her.  I'm not SURE that the toddler would be a problem, but I can't risk that for obvious reasons.  She's a terrier/mastiff mix.  She's almost 3 years old, very friendly, etc.   She's VERY physically fit, to almost looking under-fed, but the vet says she's just perfect size.  

THE ONLY THING SHE'S EVER ATTACKED WAS OUR OTHER DOG.  And the fights are few, but I am having problems trusting her ability to deal with baby toys and ownership.   She's got puppy properties, but an adult dog's ability to fight, and that's the issue.  We had her for a year before getting our other dog and never had any issues.  It's truly the "multiple dog" part that's the issue.  

We can't bring ourselves to even consider a shelter, and if you decide you want to "give her a try", that's fine.  We'll gladly take her back if she's not a good fit.  

She's housebroken, though when it's good and wet outside, you have to coax her into going out and doing her thing.  I'd lie and tell you she won't dig in the garbage can, but we both know better Smiley.

Email me at for more info.

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Shall I take this silence to mean that no one else wants her either? Smiley

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my 2 dumb dogs are enough for me! You might try some of the rescue societies...I am sure there are a few mastiff rescue societies that will help you find some one to take her.
has a rescue operation in dallas

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