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September 21, 2019, 12:28:39 AM

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Abandoned boat at the power plant.  (Read 203 times)
Lunker Extreme

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I pulled up to Little Ridge Park this morning to use the boat ramp.  As I pulled into the parking lot there was a white tri-hull boat sitting on the pavement - this is in the north parking lot closest to the Garland Power Plant and close to the abandoned restroom (at least that too appears abandoned - there has been no real maintenance on it for years but that is another rant for later).   Anyway on closer inspection of the boat there was a heavy duty yellow tie-down strap tied to one of the concrete barriers and the other end connected to the rear of the boat.  It appears someone drove off with the trailer and left the boat sitting on the pavement.

The TX registration numbers had been removed from the boat making it hard to find the owner.   I guess someone was just too cheap or lazy to properly dispose of the boat in a landfill if it was unwanted.
I sure hope that doesn't ruin the access and parking for the rest of us responsible boaters.    

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