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January 19, 2019, 03:02:24 AM

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What is magic FOW this time of year?  (Read 1243 times)


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Second year back in it. Have not been able to make it last several weeks. Planning this weekend maybe. What is the rule of thumb, if there is any, for FOW to fish in this time of year. I got skunked numerous times last year around October. A lot had to do with not being able to get any shad. I will be getting a carp from Asian market, or some bluegills from the local pond (tested my net there a few time lately and lots to be had).
Just looking for pointers as usual. Thanks ahead of time!

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Don't think there is such a thing as "magic depth" this time of year. If you use this forum as a resource you can review posts from years past for this time of year. If you look at 2016 you will see 2 posts from Dodgeman for early Oct (less than 1 week apart) where he did well. One was shallow, and the other deep:,26512.0.html,26512.0.html

(Bear in mind I bank fish) I usually don't fish deep this soon and wait for it to get colder to do so. Although I have tried "thinking outside the box" on occasion or 2 to see what would happen. Remember Bankfishing Dave and I did decent 2 or 3 years ago on a cold windy Oct night deep. Don't recall much else memorable on the deep this time of year, but have done decent at in-between areas once or twice....

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I like the skinny water to mid depth this time of year

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Fished Texoma at two different locations last week.
One was about 20ft other was 4-6 ft deep.
Caught fish at both locations.

Think the “thinking outside the box” on the deep location in October a few years back was
that the lake being down 15+ft made it a mid depth or “in between” location.
Worked well with the North winds at the time anyhow!   icon_biggrin

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