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January 19, 2019, 03:02:20 AM

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Boats not watching out for bank fishers. smh  (Read 1590 times)


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Was wondering if anyone else has had any run ins with boats while bank fishing.  I went out on Saturday and had one of my lines out and a boat rolled up almost close enough for me to touch it and he hooked my line with his pole, so he knew my line was there, but instead of moving to a different spot he stayed there and in doing so my braid got caught up on his trolling motor.. He pulled up the trolling motor and cut my line and then gave me a nasty look like it was my fault, no apology or anything from this guy and I was left with having to retie my line.

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you are a better man than me.  I know how to swim...I likely would've been making my way to the boat to discuss man to man

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yep ....  icon_evil  it definately happens. and of course its our fault  icon_rolleyes

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If that happened to me, he might have had some lead weights putting dings in his boat. What an asshole!!

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Myself using a boat try to be real careful with bank fishermen. I remember fishing with my dad on a dam and a boat come 60 mph out of nowhere and cast right on top of us. I will say some ramp fishermen I have seen lately will have lines out all across the ramp and I have to circle for quite a while and keep getting closer before they finally pull up. I think it just boils down to common courtesy.
If I run up on someone I hope I would be accountable and apologize and back off. First come first served when it comes to spots.

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