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September 23, 2018, 11:21:41 PM

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some one helo me figure problem plz...  (Read 438 times)

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Me and my fiance came to Texas in mid February from Cali we are originally from Indy.....but anyway we were told about east fork state park was cheap convenient for my fiance work since that's what we came here for nice weather n work year around.... So we come to this park the first group of hate workers were amazing now these two ladies are here and I need a way to complain on this park in general I am 5ft 5in and the grass is to my hip and today's date is may 21 2017 and I seen a forum or complaint or something someone made about the grass being cut before mothers day and they said they would try due to the weather well let me tell u it's not and not only that but I have a few other problems that need to be resolved I have been complained on by Joe on camp 5 that my car is to loud the vibrations wake him up when I'm at camp 6 n he's on 5 witch is on other side of camp anyway not to worried bout people who act like children when it comes to little stuff but he has complained on us 3 times and I know I can only have so many before we are kicked.... Not only this and that isn't the end of that story either but the grass is so bad and dry that me and my fiance r covered in chigger bites and my dog as well I'm sorry we don't have extra money for that stuff when the grad is as high as my hip n hasn't been cut not only that when they do cut it there are still big patches of grass exspecially seen this at lavonia but it's like the spots that aren't traveled on or camped on don't always get cut and I seen this at lavonia when they cut at East fork park I see them on phone and playing around and leaving big patches of talk grass and there is not any room between camps either they have one side still closed due to the road being fixed and it's just not worth staying there but with me living in our car we have no choice but to stay at parks but then they say you only get 42 days on the lake in general periode no matter if different park if it's on same body of water you only get 42 days now they haven't done this to me yet but I know they will after this post prolly won't let me come back but I'm over being treated like I shouldn't be here at all we came here for work and better life and we already ready to leave so who and how do I go about putting in all my complaints on how this even bigger than written situation is because my fingers hurt and can't type everything plus getting lost because my screen doesn't work right so sorry some words maybe spelled wrong or abriviated because my phone but anyway how can I resvolve my whole problem here without leaving state because we need the work but not the headache..... icon_exclaim

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