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February 16, 2019, 12:21:47 PM

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One-eyed carp.  (Read 4569 times)
Lunker Extreme

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Yep, there is now a one-eyed carp swimming below Denison Dam. Last night I took my tube and fly rod below the dam when they stopped generating at 8:00 hoping to catch some more stripers. I did actually catch one striper that went about 6..................................inches icon_rolleyes. Then, while I was moving from one area to another trailing the fly behind me I suddenly felt a big hit! zhammertime I fought that thing for a couple of minutes before I finally got it to hand and discovered that I had foul-hooked a 4 1/2# carp in the eye. orangeno That was not a happy fish!! But I unhooked it and let it go back to the depths. It'll have quite a story to tell its fellow fish about how it lost its eye.

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