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January 19, 2019, 03:03:19 AM

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slick ramps  (Read 1083 times)
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Be careful on those ramps.  I backed my boat in, put the emergency brake on and my SUV started sliding down the ramp!  Luckily I was still in it and I slammed on the brakes to engage the front brakes.  I slid a good 3 ft and it wasn't slowing down any.   that moss was SLICK!  I busted my rear on it twice!  This was at clear lake.

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I slipped on the moss and took an unscheduled dip a couple of weeks ago on the Lavonia North ramp.  I'm sure Mothers were covering their young kids ears up in the campground after I let loose a few choice words.  icon_biggrin

Those ramps are definitely slick.

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12, 7oz---PB...Good fishing to you!!!!

Thank you for the heads up.......guess the lowering of the lake level exposed that green slimy moss.    At 75, I need all the info I can

Not many posting any catching....Having been gone to CA for the past ~4weeks I miss those reports. 

Wind and heat along with the lowering of the water level appear to have moved the fish and gave them lock jaw....Or, fisherman are just not reporting their catch.  I suspect the former is the case.

Guess I will try it early one morning later this week. So, the ramp info is useful...Thanks again.

Ochigger, AKA  David R.

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