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February 16, 2019, 02:15:42 AM

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Military Roll Call Post  (Read 71760 times)


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Red Terror

Come on tiger, I know you meant Bossier City...  icon_mrgreen

Lived there growing up and it was so cool to see those massive planes pass over... The air show at BAFB was cool... That B52 is massive....

Thank you ALL for your service

Your right, Shreveport is on the other side of the river. I not sure if you liked growing up in Shreveport/Bossier City, but I don't ever want to comeback. For the 8 months I was living off base, my car was broken into twice. Both times caused major damage to my door.

Regarding the B-52, that is a massive plane. I can tell you exactly how massive it is especially when I was on a month long washing duty.

Thanks! I encourage anyone to serve no matter how old your are or your background. If its Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, active duty, reserve or even Nation Guard. The experience and the people that you meet in the service can never be duplicated in the civilian world. Yes its tough, yes you will have to endure, but i feel its worth it at the end. If you are in a tough spot right now with your career but don't like the idea military. Join the Air Force as a reserve or Air National Guard, you're basically a civilian in uniform. You get away with stuff active duty can only dream of. When you join, you get to pick your career. The Air Force has tons of jobs that translate to the civilian world. From telecom to medical, its there and the training is free. I work at T-Mobile and most of the engineers here are prior military with a background in telecom. I know Air Force has great medical training that can get you a job as soon as you graduate from tech school. Not just any job, but a job that pays 60K-90K. Just an example, hospitals always need people who knows how to calibrate and maintain their medical equipment. Where can you learn that in the civilian world unless you just so happen to get picked up by a company who is willing to train you.

And no, i am not a recruiter for the Air Force   icon_razz

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Navy - Submarines
1985 - 1994

Dad - Marine VietNam, Uncle - Air Force VietNam, Uncle - Navy VietNam, Grandad - Navy WWII, Grandad - Army Air Corp.
KIA WWII, several cousins various forces and time frames.

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U.S. Army military police 2006 - 2011
Airborne qualified
Look forward to meeting and fishing with you all

Big or small we should try to catch em' all!
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US Army Reserve 1992-2000
11B then 54B
Infantry then Chemical

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USMC  retired 1998   22yrs   harrier jet mech
stationed NC  most of that time
desert storm vet

semper fi goes futher than just national security/// oorah
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Family, Firearms, and Trucks

Navy 88-92 active

TANG 96-02

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Lunker Extreme

Posts: 220

US Navy
USS Nevada
USS Henry M Jackson
USS Florida


I have come to the conclusion that I know everything about nothing and nothing about everything
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USMC  2008- 2012
2/4 G co. Joker 1

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