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October 22, 2018, 03:27:17 AM

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snakes are waking up  (Read 1514 times)

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Went for a hike down a north end creek today looking for a good logjam to fish, and was surprised when I had to quick-stop and go around a full grown water moccassin sunning itself on the back side of a log, right in my path. Very surprised. icon_eek .

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Yep,been kinda warm. I haven't seen any on the water yet but can imagine those slithering rascals are startin to come out on land. Be careful!  icon_eek

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Yeah, it's that time of year. Those snakes are very slow moving so they will not get out of your way. If it is really a cottonmouth, and he is in a trail you frequent, I'd kill it or move it. Chances are, they will be right there next time you come by. They aren't aggressive as many may say, but they will bite if you get too close or God forbid step on him. As a note of reminder, if you do get bit, remain calm do not try to kill the snake as it takes too much adrenaline. Think about how far your truck is from your location. Walk calmly to truck and head to ER. Call 911 to make them aware of your situation. The bite is not a death sentence. Panic can be.

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Mike Wilson

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Very good advise Mike!!

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