Lake Lavon Fishing
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January 19, 2019, 03:06:40 AM

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lotsa birds coming in  (Read 1305 times)

Lunker Extreme

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Not really a bird watcher but I do enjoy seeing all of the birds that visit the lake when the weather cools(plus it means cool weather bankfishing is here. Went Saturday and they are really starting to come in now. Most noticeable are the pelicans which you can usually find roosting on the tip of the island, or flying and floating around in various places. Watched some of them start at the island and float/sail all the way to Ticky. Lots of cormorants too(they were thick, roosting in the trees and feeding along the Lucas /Branch bridges. Saw a decent little V group of ducks. Saw kingfishers,ospreys,buzzards,gulls,herons,an owl,various waders, and some others. I bet there will be a lot more birds than usual with the masses of little shad this year.

Don't catchem all
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Sure do like that THUMP!

That would be cool... except for the  *%#@+*&^%$#@  cormorants!

Spotted an eagle over near Mallard.

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