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February 16, 2019, 12:22:27 PM

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Help need cut carp bait for Father's Day outing  (Read 1416 times)
Lunker Extreme

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My dad is planning to visit me this weekend to jug line fish Ray Hubbard to restock his freezer with blue catfish. He loves them and claims fish is the only meat he can eat with his two last teeth.

Anyway, I love my dad and this is the forth year I've jugged with him consecutively because he loves doing it so much. But this year I cannot afford to buy cut carp at 9$ per small Manson jar from the bait store.

Any help to find some carp to shoot with my bow fishing bow (I don't have a light setup on my boat but could rig some up if I knew where to go) or to buy at a discounted price would be GREATLY appreciated.

I'm also willing to go out with anyone that offers assistance with the effort.  We could even go on my boat.  I also have a little 15 foot jon boat with a 2 hp honda motor if hitting the creeks is a productive option.   

I normally do not seek favor for being on active duty (LCDR or Major for you army guys) but do and have played (only just now)that card for my dad. I know you all would do the same for your fathers.

I'm on approved leave until Monday and dad is not scheduled to arrive until Thursday. I'm currently in Oklahoma attended a funeral but will return Wednesday morning.  I leave in Rockwall about a mile from the 66 bridge dock.

Please PM me if you willing to help and want to meet some good country folks.  I've live in the area since 2002 and know  the main parts of Ray Hubbard and Lavon pretty good. 

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Calico Bass Kid

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Lunker Extreme

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He does look happier than a possum on a gum bush does he not?

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Taz, buffalo can be procurred at fiesta grocery stores and most asian markets very cheap. They will even scale the fish and fillet for you free of charge. Then can just cut the fillets any size you want. There is a fiesta in Plano at the southeast corner of Ave K & parker just east of Hwy 75. Can get a whole buffalo for 6 or 7 bucks. One is all you will need.

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