Home made spider rig

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Mark, I like your spider rig. I have have built a few and I use the same rod holders you did. But where did you buy them for $2? I usually pay twice that much. Thanks, Ed

By the way . . . I noticed that you joined today . . . welcome to the forum, I think you will find that everyone on this forum are good folks!  Use the search tab at the top to look back on past posts and you'll see that we are all about trying to catch more fish!

Again . . . welcome to the site!

Mark thanks for the quick response. You are using the same holders I used on my last boat, but you got them on sale.

I joined today after finding this website by searching Google for homemade spider rigs. I am building new rod holders for my bass boat. I already have 4 holders for the back and am looking to have 7 in the front as I did on my last boat. Although when the crappie are biting I usually only use 3 to 5 rods. The challenge is working around the trolling motor which runs down the side of my boat.  

I live in Georgia on Lake Oconee which is East of Atlanta. Behind my house is one of the best winter/spring crappie flats on the lake. I have never gotten more than 15 at a time, but last year I begin in January and by March all but one I caught were over 1# and I usually get several over 2# each year. Ed

Woods,  Found your homemade spider rig information while searching sites.  It looks like what I've been looking for . I'm fishing Reelfoot Lake,Tennesee,April 3rd, and was told that spider regging is the way to fish this lake!!  I'm not an experienced crappie fishermen so all the help I can get will be helpful!  I have one question on the spider rig concerning the base.  How can I make this rig portable to be used in rented boats?      Again thanks for the info!

you might be able to mount a floor flange in the bottom of a bucket for that rig. or look at eds webpage you could get a 5 fixed rod holder and a bucket mount for about the same price and it would be a little more compact. but woods has a good set up on his boat

Thanks for the idea brent-I'm sure I will have to experiment with different set ups to get one to work for a portable type rig. I was thinking about just taking the clamp on rod holders themselves but I'm not sure if they work on the 16ft.Lowe boats we're renting at Reelfoot Lake.  At least I have some idea's to start with. Thanks again!


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