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February 17, 2019, 02:48:20 AM

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Just got a Kayak  (Read 3912 times)


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I just got a kayak, Ascend FS12T, and have never fished from one before.  Just reading posts and looking at videos has got my giddy as a school girl wanting to try it out.   rockon rockon rockon

I have a few questions if some folks would please chime in.

1.  Where are good spots to put in?  Do you just hit the boat launches or are there also good places to park and tow it to the water?

2.  Any cold weather tips?(maybe "tip" is a bad word to use in regards to kayaks, so how about advice?)  I don't see a lot of updates on this topic during colder months.

3.  Is the East Fork section between Lavon and Hubbard a good place to Yak?  Other creeks?

4.  Recommendations on FF set ups? 

5.  Any other advice on this topic is welcomed as well.

Thank you very much!


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