Bleeding a catfish

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Where would you cut a catfish to "bleed" it before you filet it? Is it recommended to do this? I have heard that this makes the meat taste better.

By far the best way to do this is to filet the fish then come back after you get all the filets and simply take a water hose with a pistol grip nozzle and spray the filets while holding them in the palm of your hand.  It will wash out the blood so a filet from a blue cat is pure white.  When I filet them with an electric knife I just have the hose hanging nearby to wash the cutting board off between every few fish then after I spray them clean I toss them into a large stainless bowl.  When I take them inside I wash them once more before putting them into 1 gallon zip lock bags.  If you want to go one step farther you can fill the stainless bowl with cold water and pour about a 1/4 cup of Real Lemon juice into it for a few minutes before packing them up.

i've also head that i should soak them in either milk, or some clear carbonated beverage for about 24hrs before cooking them?

From what I've read, you cut just in front of the tail.  

I normally just filet the fish, put in a bowl of ice water, let it sit for about 30 mins, rinse and do it again.  The cold water makes some of the fat/oil congeal and seperate from the filets.

You can cut one gill.   A pair of dikes works best for the gills.  You want them to slowly bleed.

or slit the tail, to the bone just at the meaty part on both sides.  

I bleed catfish over 5 lbs.  but just wash the smaller ones.  If you bleed them, they will make a mess, so toss them in the cooler.


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