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January 23, 2019, 05:00:59 PM

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Glock 30S  (Read 2122 times)

Lunker Extreme

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Anyone know where I can lay my hands on one of these? Huh? They seem to be in short supply; I've tried both Bass Pro's, Cabela's, Academy, Gun Gear to Go and B&S with no luck.  I've found every other version (30, 30sf,
30 3rd gen, 30 4th gen), but not the 30S...

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Have you checked out the Springfield XD-S .45?  I like my glock but that Springfield is hard to beat... with the double recoil spring felt recoil is reduced to the point its like shooting a .40 IMO.  Didnt like the fiber optic sight but swapped that out for Trijicons anyway.

Jimmy Houston got it right: She doesn't have to be a '10,' as long as she likes to fish!
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The gen4 glock has the double recoil spring as well.  My G22 gen4 shoots clean without a lof of muzzle climb. 

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I've shot both and they're pretty close to the same, but i like the xds more.

key notes:
xds is about a 1/2" smaller in all demensions
xds .45 weighs .5oz more than the glock when unloaded but 2 oz less when loaded (8 rounds xds - 11 rounds glock)
glock holds 10+1 rounds. xds holds 5+1 (can get a 7 round mag for 7+1)
glock shoots smooth but I felt like the xds was more smooth
xds grip design scratches your waste when carrying if it's against your skin
I personally like the two safety design on the xds over glocks single safety
xds comes with 3 grip sizes (not sure about glock)
not a huge price difference (not like its a glock/xds vs a kimber)

we've all shot and you know when a gun 'fits' you better than on almost identical to it. thats the only reason I prefered the xds "over" the glock 30s. both a great guns.

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Glock gen 4 comes with several grips.  I dig it for ease of use being a lefty.  On the gen4 there is a small pin that you can switch and flip the mag release to be on the other side.  Other thing I dig about the full size glock, you can buy the 9mm barrel, swap it out and have a different caliber weapon.  However as you said, different strokes for different folks.

I've heard great things about the xds.  Haven't gotten my hands on one yet.  Is it subcompact? The G23 is a lot smaller, little more muzzle climb though.  Price you pay for concealment I guess. 

I picked up a ruger 22/45 a few weeks ago to plink with.  .40 ammo is still pretty $$$.  Love shooting it, don't like dropping the loot to go to the range and peel through mags though.

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