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February 17, 2019, 02:49:40 AM

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Need handgun advice  (Read 4050 times)

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Carter, Check out the Ruger LC9. under $400 and has extra safety features that other guns don't have, that make it great for a rookie. Some people hate the long trigger pull but that is just one more safety feature. My wife loves hers....... And I agree on the "Judge" for home defense. A .410 to the broiler room will git er done.  I love those guns.


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Ditto what RJ said above.  One of the very top priorities you should consider in choosing a gun for self defense especially for someone who doesn't have a lot of experience is getting a gun that doesn't require you to flip off a manual safety.  In a critical situation you need to just point and pull the trigger such as a double action revolver or semi-auto.  I bought my wife a Beretta PX-4 Storm Compact in 9mm.  It doesn't scare her with the kick so she is comfortable with it and can hit what she shoots at.  It has a decocker that looks like a thumb safety.    Just flip it down with a bullet in the chamber which safely drops the hammer then flip it back up and it is ready to go.  No chance of an accidental discharge and it is a double action so all you have to do is draw the gun and start pulling the trigger - nothing to think about in a critical situation except the perp.  I also have a hammerless double action S&W .38 +P revolver with a built in laser which is great at night.  I can put the laser on a target at 20-30 feet and shoot from the hip and almost cover the holes with a 50 cent piece!  The Berettas are pricey but I got the Smith for 350 at a gun show albeit prior to the election.  Prices right now have absolutely gone nuts - 2 - 4 x since the marxist stole the election.   icon_rolleyes

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I have been lookin at the ruger SR40c and it is a fine pistol with lots of features of a more expensive pistol at reasonable price. Can be had today for up to $450 for the stainless slide model. It does have a safety which I personally like. That's why I will be sellin my Smith & Wesson sigma soon as it is basically a glock with only trigger safety.

This pistol has an extended full capacity clip that lengthens the handle for a big gun feel but also has a shorter smaller capacity clip with pinky guard that makes the weapon easily concealable. I prefer a narrow grip and this pistol fits that requirement which would also make it easier for a woman to fire also. If ya wanta 9mm, then look at the sr9c. The "C" denotes concealable. If you want a full size pistol then look at the sr9 or sr40 Rugers. Very nice pistols.

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