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February 17, 2019, 02:42:11 AM

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Finally got "Muy Grande"  (Read 5750 times)

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I didn't know if this would get much interest but since it has, here is the story.....

Very,very long read I know.........Just real happy!

For years I and those before me have sat and watched deer and every once in awhile we would catch a fleeting glimpse of ol "muy grande". Always far off in the distance or barely peeking out in some thick brush just out of reach of those binoculars. I can recount many personal experiences and heard of many others of how those big old bucks always seem to just slip away. These old bucks can sometimes become a bit of "a legend" so to speak and sometimes I even doubt myself and wonder........did I really just see that? Well Thursday morning I had one of those stories but thankfully it ended differently.

As I watched a rather large 10 point (130's) milling around my area and contemplating how big and old he was, I remembered about what my step father had taught me and had to keep reminding myself... "When the deer is a shooter then you will know it and you won't need a second look". And about that time I happened to catch just a glimpse of a deer running on a ridge beyond my area. As I threw up my bino's to check out what it was my heart just thumped........ I saw the largest buck that I had personally ever laid my eyes on. I sat in awe just staring at the beast who had then slowed to a walk. I figured the deer to be a 160 class deer. I then audibly whispered to myself. "Damn't why are the big bucks I see always somewhere else, why won't they come over here and give me a chance". As the words left my mouth this buck spun his head an peered directly into my soul from well over a 1000 yards away.
Now looking back I realize that the deer obviously did not hear my words but at that precise moment I felt he was coming to prove me wrong. He put his head down to the ground and ran full speed towards me. After a several seconds he disappeared into the bottom of the draw and I felt it was over, and just another "big buck" story. I laid down my binos and just tried to picture him in my head again. About that time I remembered that I (was) watching a big 10 before this guy had so rudely distracted me. When I looked back up all the deer spooked and ran about 20 yards or so and then all turned around the same direction to the northeast. Behind them stood the very same big buck I had just seen and he was still staring right into my eyes (or so it seemed). He jumped into my feeder pen and was on his way out when he met his demise. I watched him run and then stumble. Then I watched him crash down to the ground for the last time. He slowly lifted his heavy horned head a few inches and took his last breath. I sat there and stared at him with very shakey hands for several moments before it even hit me that he was down for good. The "big one" finally made one fatal mistake. He had finally slipped up just once. Muy Grande was no longer a myth for me.........

Thanks to the couple of guys that more than likely have passed up this very buck in the last few years when he was younger, to give him a chance to grow into a fully mature and beautiful animal...........Im sure he was a real nice buck 2 or 3 years ago, just like the 10 point I watched and passed this same morning..... I have learned a lot from you guys, you know who you are.
So.....with all that said. The buck scored 152 4\8. Not quite 160 but hey when this dude is staring you down the math gets cut real short, real fast and instincts just take over. My personal best before this deer was a 136. Hope you enjoyed my rambling!


Randy Arrington Lavon Fishing and Trophy Bass Guide
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