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February 21, 2019, 10:52:13 PM

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Gotta be honest about these things...  (Read 8414 times)

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Sure do like that THUMP!

James, nice to see ya still be lurkin around! When ya coming back to the Lavon area?  icon_cool icon_biggrin

I guess he's not... One post per year!   icon_lol
good to hear from him anyway.

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I bought an auto inflatable PFD a few months back and really like it. BPS had a sale on the BPS brand for $99.00 and I had a gift card so it made it very affordable. My family knows that all they need to get me for christmas and my birthday is a BPS giftcard. They can even get online to order the giftcard so it simplifies everything. I would not have splurged for that auto inflatable PFD if it had not been on sale and if I had not had the giftcard.
What I also like about them is that they are designed to keep your face out of the water should you fall overboard and be knocked unconcious.

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You gotta go fishin if you wanna catch some fish....
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