Lake Lavon Fishing
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January 19, 2019, 02:57:14 AM

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Lunker Extreme

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Learning one step at a time

Name - Neil Lester       Born - 1943     Birth Place - Ballinger, TX     Raised - Oakland, CA   Currently live in Wylie, TX
Married - 34 yrs - Mary - I keep reminding her that she is my first wife. This doesn't bother her any more.

Fishing - Since October 2008

Started fishing because a friend, Mel,  had a bass boat that he had only used 3 times in 2 years and I found out I loved it.
I say fishing because I have had some good days but mostly catching has not been my thing.

Favorite fishing partners - Mel,  Bill and grandsons.

Boat - 10' jon boat - 1986 Gamefisher modified V. Trolling motor and oars. I don't do well with gasoline engines.
I picked up Bill as a fishing partner because he saw me loading my jon boat, felt sorry for me and asked if I'd like to go fishing with him some time. I don't get to use my boat much because Bill and Mel take me out a lot.

25 years as a residential carpenter and retired as a Cobol programmer in 2004. I started college at 40 years of age and finished in 2 1/2 years.

Goals this year - learn to catch crappie and catfish. I am pretty consistent with the Sand Bass because they are pretty consistent. I am hit and miss on the crappie and the next catfish I catch will be my personal best.
I enjoy time on the water being  in the middle of a sand bass school. Several really good days and one day like a dream when they were everywhere as far as we could see.

I try to learn something every time I am on the water.

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Name - David Perkins

31, married 4 years, been fishing since I was a kid (mostly in the Northwest).  I am new to the area (lived in Lubbock for the last decade), I am an Engineer.  I don't know crap about fishing for bass, catfish, crappie or anything else found in these lakes (I do know how to fish for trout and salmon, knowledge that has proved pretty much worthless down here).

Me an a buddy just purchased a pos boat got it running and have been making little practice runs to Lake Lewisville because we both live in the Colony.  I plan on frequenting Lavon with the boat and intend to learn the lake.  been spending a lot of time working on the boat getting it somewhat into shape and plan on doing an over haul on it this winter.

I have 2 dogs, the only thing they can do consistently is keep crumbs off the floor

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How thrilled was I holding a fish??

 41 yrs old
 married-stay at home mom
 Royse City(actually between Royse City and Josephine)
 2 kids-daughter  21    son 12 (hard to tell which one is the older one at times)
 pets- Starlynn 8yrs old(son calls her a Chi-weenie)
 Aunt to 12 nieces and nephews, Great Aunt to 14 great nieces and nephews(another on the way)
 Favorite lake--Lavon
 fishing buddy-my husband Roy and son(although he gets bored way to fast)
 happy to catch any fish..
 started fishing as a kid at Lake Granbury at my grandma's place
 bought a RV this year and love to go camping/fishing....went to Lavonia almost every weekend this summer.
 still learning to use open faced reels but love my purdy blue pole lol

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LLF Fishing Legend

Posts: 2974

T-wok 30#

Hi all guess I will introduce myself lol

James Nix

Handle cooncrazy1. Because I use  to coonhunt I raised and trained Black and Tan coonhounds for 20 yrs

Job I work for Lovejoy ISD in maintenance Great school

Interests  Laughing haveing a good time spending time both on the water and nature

Boat 1972 Thompson Tri Hull 65 HP Evinrude First boat hopeing to upgrade soon

Divorced Have had a girl freind for 2 yrs now and Love her dearly awesome person

Kids 3 Daughter 26 with a grand daughter 2
         Son 25 with a 1 yr old son
         Step Daughhter very smart with 2 daughters

I relly love this forum and I am looking forward to meeting more people If you want to fish with someone holler                 


A little slime never hurt anyone.
Alot is even better
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Posts: 77

I am NOT a member of the rainbow boat club!

I have NEVER owned a Zebco!

 icon_mrgreen icon_mrgreen icon_mrgreen

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Posts: 29

age 54
want to learn fishing at lavon
raised on the red river so cats are a fav
no boat
bank fish for me for now
2 kids  divorced   
wk sears automotive frisco
fished hunted all my life
retired marine

semper fi goes futher than just national security/// oorah
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Posts: 4

Hello everyone newbie here.. I just bought a home on Lake Lavon off of CO 437 not far from the Clear Lake park..   I drive a grey Tracker Deep V if you see me out come over and say hello.. Im looking forward to meeting new folks in the area..  Thanks for having me on the LLF..  

Bryan Franklin
age 40
No kids
Princeton TX

I have a Tracker boat 40hp and also love bank fishing..  Im new to fishing Lavon but not new to fishing.  Im a bait fisherman I dont chunk many lures live shad or minnows.. 

I work for a company thats a IBM partner.  Workflow Studios in Richardson TX and I am a Managed Hosting consultant...  I do email Domino server support..  I maintain a small data center in a colo in Dallas...  I work from home 3 days a week

I grew up in my fathers machine shop in Dallas..  Franklin Machine and Welding

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Posts: 136

Here goes my effort...I am a 55 year old single man who loves to fish.  I have fished stock ponds for years, mostly for bass.  Then, earlier this year I hired Tex to be my catfish guide, twice.  I loved it.  I bought a 1995 Bass Tracker Tournament 17 a month ago and have been on Lavon every weekend since.  Got some catfish rods, reels, and Bee Ready's.

My fishing buddy is married and he can only get "permission" to fish a few hours each weekend.  I need one or two single fishing
Buddies who don't need permission, or a ton of married ones who do.

I am a psychotherapist and have had my practice for 20 years, the last 12 in Richardson.  I have two adult daughters and a grandson.  I enjoy being on the lake, even if I catch nothing at all.  I would like to meet others from the forum and do some fishing.  Pm me if you are interested.  Thanks..  

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Even if they don't bite, it's worth the trip.
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Family, Firearms, and Trucks

David Braly
born in 1970
Married, 1 kid
Network Administrator

No Boat yet - kind of like the idea of building a pontoon boat.

Ive been fishing a number of times over the years. Dad has always had a boat.
Very rare I catch anything.

I read another post on here somewhere that someone wanted to learn more about fishing to take his kids. I feel the same way.
I like the idea of catching fish, but just have trouble. I would like to take my son when he gets older, and would like him to have a good time catching fish.

looking forward to learning more. Hoping to pick up some tips and try them out.

favorite lake: really do not have one. I would like to spend more time at Lavon and Hubbard, since I live so close to them.

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Posts: 24

Searching the forum for different topics and found this thread so thought I would try to dust it off and see if I can learn who the active members on here are.

Allen, TX
Age 35
Work in I.T. for the government

I have 2 sons 5 & 2 years old

Favorite Lake: Lavon and Ouachita (AR)

Favorite Fish to fish: Always fished for LMB but loved striper fishing on Ouachita and getting used to Sandies on Lavon

Fished alot when I was a kid but then completely stopped.  Picked up a rod again 18 months ago and have been steadily going more often since then.  Just bought a boat a couple months ago so that I can go fishing more and hopefully get my boys interested in fishing.

Things I want to work on: Everything but first is getting comfortable with my boat (first time I have owned one) and the lakes around here.

Boat: 2006 LOWE FM1650 (gold and red) with 50hp Mercury

Favorite fishing partner : Anyone who is ok with sitting on a lake for a few hours even if we don't catch anything (my son does not fit that category yet....)

Best thing about fishing for me: relaxing in nature and not worrying about anything else that isn't on the boat.

Biggest fish: LMB 7lbs, Striper 12lbs

favorite baits: Spinners, crank baits, worms

hobbies: kids take up most of my time but like to fish & grill whenever possible

favorite food: Something on the grill or Italian

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Posts: 76

Welcome !! Yup 3 years worth of dust

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Posts: 2

My name is Chris.  I enjoy fishing for just about anything.  If I find a carp, I will gut them.  Such an invasive species.
I fish mostly from my kayak.
In addition to Lavon, I paddle down the Trinity and dock fish at Texoma.  I enjoy fishing in Oklahoma lakes too.
I will post some reports if I have success.

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