Lake Lavon Fishing
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January 19, 2019, 02:58:42 AM

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LLF Fishing Legend

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I think I hear clickers in my sleep!!

My turn:

Arnie Olsen   41 years old
Reside in McKinney
Married for second time (won't throw this one back)
No kids that I have been made aware of so far
Jobs:  Currently Business Unit Mgr, formerly with Harley-Davidson (York Assy Plant, PA), Delphi Automotive (OH), General Motors (OH), Wall Street Broker (NY, NY).

Pets:  Have a Bengal cat (F6 generation)

Hobbies:  Just want to be outside, metal detecting, fishing, hunting

Favorite fish:  anything that will bite but Rooster fish out of Costa Rica is the best fighting fish I have ever encountered.

Sports followed:  THE Ohio State University and Oakland Raiders

No Boat

Biggest fish:  4.5' Wahoo out of Pacific

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I'm new here!

Laura Blair
Wylie, TX
Age 27
Meteorologist by degree, Environmental Scientist by profession

1 child - 10 month old baby girl

1 dog - Yorkshire Terrier named Bailey

Favorite Lake:  Lake Lavon even though I've only been on it once, but it'll be my "home" lake since it's so close!

Favorite Fish to fish: Whatever will bite.

Boat: 1994 18 ft Skeeter ZX150 (we just bought it yesterday!)

Favorite fishing partner :  Jeff, my husband

hobbies: weather, traveling, Sooner football, horses, dogs, fishing, gardening

I'm relatively new to fishing.  I went occasionally as a child, and when my husband and I were dating, but that's about it.  I've always loved fishing and wanted to get into it more.  We just bought our first boat and can't wait to dive in!

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Lunker Extreme

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Well been a member of the forum for awhile kinda lost track of it but,here it goes

Name:          Mike Smith
Age:             44
City:             Sachse,TX. 19yrs,
Mate:            Julie, my high school sweetheart, married 23 years been together 29.
Kids:             Joshua, 23 and Morgan 15
Occupation:   S&S LAWN SERVICE, (Owner, operator)
Fav. fish:       Crappie,cats,sandies, when I was younger went fishing all over with my gramps
Boat:            12 ft johnboat,2.5 merc. ( Its small but, it'll do)
Fav lake:       Guess I'd have to say Lavon, bout the only one I"ve been on in a long long time
Fav food:       Seafood, or anything I can put on a smoker or grill
Fav activities: Fishing,shooting,camping,motorcycling,and hunting whenever I get a chance

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Need more fishin time ??
                 GIVE ME A CALL
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Well here goes

Name:                  Jack Miears
Age:                     52 and still going
City:                     Allen TX
Wife :                    Elane for the last 23 years, first one didn't work out
Job:                       R&M technician
Boat:                     Not yet but get fishin 1 and Ranger out when i can and use their boats
Fav. Fish:              Bass, crappie, sandbass, catfish not in any order just so they are biting
Fav. lake:               Fork and Lavon
Fishing Partners:     Lynn, Greg, Bruse when we can get him out to the lake and Arnie
Fav. activities          Hunting sense i was 6, deer and dove, Fishing for whatever is biting ever sense i could hold the pole,  watching football and nascar  icon_rolleyes

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personal best

Name: Tony Nerkowski
Age: 33
City: Lucas
Wife: Kristi 11 years maybe 12
Job: Case manager hcs/nursing homes
Boat: 22ft tracker pontoon/ 16ft runabout
Fav fish: catfish, sandies, love banking, boating, anytime by lake is time well spent
Fav lake: texoma- the only lake I've fished where the fish jump in your boat. Lavon due to proximity and nice lake
Partners: father in law Pat or whoever loves fishing
Fav activity: vacationing in Destin or Gulf shores, fishing, hockey,   
Kiddos: three beautiful daughters 10,8 and a 1 and a 1/2 pint   

Fishing for fun
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6 foot, 285, 4.6 40, hands like glue, and hard hitter.

Dallas, TX


Senior Financial Analyst / Project Manager for a large Fortune 200 company

'95 Challenger with a 115 Merc

Bass, crappie, sandbass, catfish, redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and anything else that will bite.

Lavon, Fork, Tawakoni

Fishing partners are typically Tony the Glove and / or Monty the Heavy Bag

Love to fish.  Love to hunt, preferably things that fly.  Follow baseball at an unhealthy rate.  Like to BBQ, play drink the beer, and generally have a good time doing whatever it is that I am doing.

Glad to have found this place and become active in this little community.  All I ask is that you keep the jet skiers away from me!

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"The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing."  Babylonian Proverb
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Gary Cochran
Wylie, TX
Age 41
Work as a National Account Rep for a large Tax Service Company

3 cats, 1 dog, 4 horses, 3 ducks and a whole lot of the neighbors chickens!!

Favorite Lake: Ant Lake but live on Lake Lavon

Favorite Fish to fish: Bass, sandbass, crappie.

Originally form Oklahoma lived in Texas for about 8 years now.

Boat: 1999 17ft Nitro Bass Boat w/90hp Mercury

Favorite fishing partner :Wife and son.

Best thing about fishing for me: Very relaxing. Is nice to catch some fish but just being out on the water work's for me.

Biggest fish: 9.5 pound Black Bass Fort Gibson Lake in Oklahoma

favorite baits: Plastics and spinner baits.

hobbies: fishing, horses and spending time with the family

favorite food: Mexican

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Lunker Extreme

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I'll give er a go..

Alan Dutton
Garland, TX
Age 28
Currently a Production Engineer for Atlas Copco, but thats about to change here in two weeks,  after that  "Professional Fishermen" until a new opportunity

Got some saltwater fish,  and a little dog, half beagle half pug.

Favorite Lake: Ray Roberts,  or Fork,  but Lavon is homey

Favorite Fish to fish: Black Bass,  Crappie, Trout

Boat: 1990 maxum 16', 50 horse force.

Favorite fishing partner :my Fiance, and my Dad, and Brother.

Best thing about fishing for me: Gives me a chance to learn something 'bout myself everytime I go out. Time to get rid of the negatives, and be thankful for what ive got.

Biggest fish: 7 lbs Black Bass, out of my Great Grandmas cattle tank, in Desdemona, Tx.  and a matching polywog the same day, same place.

favorite baits: Spinners, Cranks, plastic worms and salamanders.

hobbies: fishing, hunting, golfing, eating, sleeping.

favorite food: Just about anything.. (no sushi..)

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