Lake Lavon Fishing
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Here Goes

Paul Phillips
Garland TX
Age 34

Police Officer for City of Plano
I also have a Karaoke and DJ business PB&J Karaoke and DJ Service
469-323-6103 for anyone interested

Married with two Kids, boys age 6 and 8

Just started fishing again after about a 12 year Hiatus.  I used to fish hubbard a lot for crappie and hybrids,but quit fishing after I got married because I never had time.  I am basically learning to fish all over again.  I hope it is like riding a bike.

favorite lake would be a toss up between Lavon and Ray Hubbard because they are close.  I also really like fishing Rowlett creek in the spring when the sandbass are running

favorite fish to fish:  Anything really.  primarily Crappie, Sandbass and Catfish.  I really don't know, cause I don't catch much.  But Tex and BK are trying to remedy that

Things to improve.  Mostly locating fish and feeling the bite

Boat: 1980 Skeeter Wrangler, 100 Johnson

Best thing about fishing for me:  Just being on the water enjoying the peace and quiet.  Dosen't even matter if I'm catching fish.  

Don't have a biggest fish story yet, but it will come

Favorite baits: Live baits are my bait of choice.  Too much work with artificials, but I am going to learn because I may even try some largemouth fishing this year

Hobbies:  Camping, Karaoke & DJ Business, Fishing, watersports and youth athletics

Favorite food:  Mexican or anything spicy

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Howard Kolter
Age 40

Make my living working on cars at Eurosport Automotive in Plano.Specialize in imports.My boss is one of my duck hunting partners and consequently a really understanding guy.

Been fishing and hunting on Lavon since 1977.After all that I never really got serious about "Learning the lake" until about 3 years ago.

Boats:1997 Javelin 389 with 150 Johnson.With the jackplate on it it's over 20 feet.Boat's white with red and silver trim.This is my main fishing rig.
My other boat is a 1961 14 foot Lone Star aluminum v-hull.It's painted camo and powered by a 1982 7.5 horse johnson.Used mainly as a duck hunting boat.

Have two Labs:Mikey is about 9 years old,George is 11 months old.
Two cats:Tasha and Nuiscance(appropriate name for her,by the way)

My wife's kids are all grown and out of the house.My 12 year old son lives in Chicago with ex-wife.

Main fishing partner is my wife.Also fish with two or three buddies on occaision.

Enjoy fishing for Crappie and Catfish,mainly because it's relaxing.When my son is here,we fish for sandies alot.I like to bass fish on occaision.

Favorite lake:Ray Roberts.Trying to learn Lavon well enough to make it number one though.

Just found this sight through a link from TFF.Happy to be here.I already see alot of names I recognize from TFF and

See Ya on the water.

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Mike Bell
Pressman, Dallas Morning News.
Age 38 or39. I quit keeping track when I was 24 or 25, can't remember.

I have a 10 yr. old girl, Haley, and my wife's name is Twylla.

Favorite lake is Fork, but since I moved to Plano I've really been trying to learn Lavon.

Favorite fish is bass, but I like catfish and crappie as well.

Biggest fish: 360 lb. bull shark
           bass:13 lb. ( Lake Fork )
        catfish:42 lb. ( Lake Tawokanie-Blue cat-And I can't spell! )
        crappie:17"   ( Trinity River )

I have a crappy boat that my father-in-law gave me, but it floats!
So if anybody needs a fishin' buddy, let me know. I usually go by myself or with my daughter. I'll pay for gas and beverages!

Even though I'm pushing 40, I'm still stuck In the 80's. I listen to heavy metal music, love ALL sports, I deer hunt every year, and I fish all the time. Sometimes that gets me in trouble with the Mrs., but she understands that it's better than hanging out at bars. I still love my beer, but I usually do that watching the Cowboys get spanked!

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LLF Fishing Legend

Posts: 1793

Terry Capehart
Royse City, Tx.
Age 54
Director of Development Services in Kaufman

Favorite Fishing Partner - My wife, Linda, who will even go fishing without me if I don't get home in time. We have 6 grown children and 12 grandkids,  with a new one on the way in fall 2006 icon_wink

We also have 2 dogs - a Rottweiler and a pug - Walking them is like a shetland pony and a Clydesdale together.

Favorite Lakes:  Whitney and Possum Kingdom just for the scenic beauty- fishing ain't bad either.  Next, since I moved to Royse City we fish a lot at Tawakoni and Lavon which is five minutes from home.

Favorite Fish: I guess I have fished more for crappie than any other type but I really love to check a trotline at night when you never know what's jerking on the line.   I have had some extroadinary trips fishing for trout in Yellowstone Park, catching a 21 pound King Salmon off the Washington Coast, catching barracuda off Cozumel, catching red snapper in the Gulf, catching cod and rockfish in Puget Sound and big bass and goggle-eyes in a crystal clear creek in Arkansas.

Things I need to work on:  learning to read changing fish patterns - I tend to go back to the same spot where I caught all the fish the last time and get skunked 3 or 4 times before I finally get desparate and begin trying something new.

Boat:  18'-6" Stratos Fish N Ski w/ 150 V-Max Yamaha

Biggest fish:  Crappie - 16.5" Sam Rayburn - 1977; Bass - 7 lb - 10 oz. Benbrook - 1988 learned how to use a rubber worm only one week before.  Catfish - the one that got away in Sam Rayburn -  straightened out a 7/0 hook and pulled a double 00 brass swivel tight like a hangmans noose on both ends of the drop line and left the bait hanging on the hook icon_eek

Hobbies: as my tag suggests - I love trees and I love to find an old gnarly giant deep in the woods and set and wonder what it has seen and been through over the past couple of hundred years.  I once got to make the official measurements for the National Champion Black Hickory which is on the shore of Toledo Bend.  I also collect antique fly rods.  I would love to learn how to make rods of any kind from scratch.

Favorite bait:  topwater bug with a bream or bass coming up in clear water and when they finally rush the bait I jerk so hard all I get is a pair of fish lips.  Tongue

Favorite Food:  I love to cook but I guess my favorite is seafood - I "see food" and eat it.

Favorite saying:  "That's putting lipstick on a pig"   Cheesy

There is ALWAYS room for one more fishing rod in your collection!!!
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Steven Grubb
Frisco TX

Single, no children

2 black labs and a poodle

job 1: Networking and lab duties at CCCCD
job 2: Varteck


Close to a degree in marine biology (about 10 classes short) I quit due to boredom.

College student at CCCCD, planning on transfering to North Texas soon for my second degree, currently getting my Telecomunications/networking/wirless coummunication degree and certificates.

Currently do not have a boat

Favorite fish to catch:

Since I have moved to Texas and caught my first blue I have mainly focused on that. Before I lived here I lived in Colorado and did a lot of trout fishing in mountain streams and lakes with fly and cast rods. I learned how to fish from my father in Indiana where we mostly caught channel cats, blue gill and crappie. My father could teach you how to fish for twenty years and you still would not know what that man knows.

Favorite fish to eat: Crappie

Faveorit lake: Blue cats- Cedar Creek, crappie- purtis creek, flat heads- lewisville, blue gill-Purtis Creek, carp-Lewisville

Lavon is great because it is so close. It seems that not as many people catfish in this lake so there are plenty of fish.

Biggest fish: Blue-54, channel-21, flat head-42, crappie-over 3 pounds at purtis, blue gill-over 2 pounds up north, carp-23

Faveorite bait: all cats-shad, crappie-minnows/shad, bass-shad, blue gill-catalpa worms

A bad day on the lake is better than the best day at work.
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LLF Fishing Legend

Posts: 3249

Thought it’s about time I did this.

S t e v e   W u l z
Richardson, TX
Age:  40+

Large Marketing Firm in Information Technology.  I work in the Data Warehouse group and do reporting and trend analysis.

Down to just one blind dog...

Married 20+ years.  4 kids, 3 grandkids (ouch)!)  

Favorite Lake:  Lavon and Loy.  I want to start fishing Ray Roberts and Cooper as Lavon is nuts in the summer.

Favorite fish to catch:  Crappie  It’s more like hunting.  Catfish is a close #2.  There’s so many ways to catfish.

Things to work on: Learning Lavon’s hidden secrets and teaching the grandkids how much fun fishing can be.   Learning how to tie jigs and other lures.  Learning where to find Crappie.

Boat: 16’ jon boat with a 20hp Johnson.  Was a tube fisherman before that.

Favorite Fishing Partner: Kids, LucasEd, I like to fish with different folks (just not too different!)

Best thing about fishing for me: Watching a kids face light up when he catches his first one.

Biggest Fish: 35 lbs blue cat out of Lavon.

Best day fishing:  100 sand bass, 50 crappie, and a 15lbs flathead out of Richland Chambers.  Kept the limit of sandbass and crappie.  Threw back the rest.

Favorite baits: Catfish:  shad, DK     Sandbass:  Slab, white roadrunner, chrome spinner  Crappie--jig, minnows

Hobbies: Fishing, computers, cooking, reading, BBQ, Chili

Favorite Foods: Fried crappie, Caramel cake,  Gumbo, BBQ, beer.  I could probably live on Fried Crappie, Hushpuppies, fried okra, sliced tomatoes, and beer.

Always looking for someone to fish with.  Fishing is a social thing for me.  Call me if you are going out alone.  I’ll come if I can get away.

You think THAT'S hard, try naming two cities in New Hampshire!
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Posts: 126

Dwayne, 28
Freelance Writer and Photographer
Love most East Texas lakes
Have a special place in my heart for the North Georgia Mountains

Enjoy co-hosting the P1 Wild A@$ (arse) Circus on 1310 "The Ticket" Once in a while

Love tying jigs for both Crappie and Trout (as seen at The Cove  icon_wink )

Bad sense of humor


No Pets (but wish I had a good puppy dog!)

Am very allergic to stupid people

Largest Bass (largemouth)= 11.75 from Cypress Springs

Largest Smallie= 2.00 (still cursing the one that got away....@%#@%)

Largest Spotted Bass= 3.25 (yeah right, not telling this one...this spot is mine!!)

Largest Crappie (white)= 3.15 from Cypress Springs

Largest Crappie (black)= 2.25 from.....ah, you've figured it out by now

Largest Bluegill= 1.25 from private pond....good times, good times

Largest Cat= (channel) 25....I know, I suck

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Posts: 47

Alan Spruill
Sacshe, TX
Age 32
Unemployed, degreed Electrical Engineer
Any leads would be appreciated as wife says "the boat must go"
if things don't look up Shocked)

1 wife, Amy

2 bulldogs, Brutus and Harley

We left Colorado earlier this year to return to my home state of TX.  I must be crazy!?!

Favorite Lake: Lake Lavon because it is close yet not too comericialized/developed.

Favorite Fish to fish: blue catfish

Boat:  16 ft Alumacraft (tan) and 50HP Yamaha motor

Fishing partner :  Riverrat, bro-in-law

I enjoy meeting other people and sharing fishing tips!

We're Fishin' Now!
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Group: Pvt Pyle
LLF Fishing Legend

Posts: 2123

Jason Shaw
Hurst, TX
Age:  30

Degree in Building Construction Management from Purdue University and am a Senior Estimator for MEDCO Construction in Dallas.

Not married

Favorite Lake--Lavon, Granbury, Grapevine

Favorite fish to catch--Catfish.  Love catching blues & flatheads.  A large gar is junk but a blast to catch

I have lived in Texas 8 years now, grew up fishing rivers in Indiana.  

Favorite Fishing Partner: dwclark

Best thing about fishing for me: A bad day fishing is better than a good day at the office, unless they are passing out the annual bonus.

Biggest Fish: 12# flathead on the river back home, 5# 2oz smallmouth on the river on a rooster tail, 50# gar on shad on granbury, 32# blue and 43# flathead on granbury

Favorite baits: Catfish--shad, DK, bacon.  Gar - shad.  Flatheads:  Perch

Hobbies: fishing, family, NASCAR, engineering wonders (large builings, bridges, etc), boating and swimming, working on and driving and beating the 16year old kids who have rich parents and a new Camaro SS in my 1971 W30 442!

Favorite Foods: boiled crawfish, steak, chicken fried steak, mexican, italian

Where the name RiverRat came from:  When I was growing up in Indiana, we had a summer house on the Tippecanoe River.  My parents and grandparents gave me an old aluminum flatbottom jon boat with a 1957 5 1/2hp Evinrude when i was 5 (The first with a fiberglass cowl, damn wish i still had that motor $$$$) and once i got into it, they couldnt get me out of it for eating or bed or anything.  They said i was a riverrat like my grandpa and it stuck.

How I got started fishing:  obviously because of the house on the river, but my grandpa and dad got me hooked and i have not looked back since.  some of my favorite memories in life are fishing wiht them.  looking forward to the saturday after Christmas to make more memories by taking my dad fishing on Lavon while he is here from Indiana.  He loves the big blues, dont catch them much in indiana!!!!

Have to thank TEX and all the others on the forum for all the help in getting me started with lake fishing and all the different tactics for fishing lavon!!!

DWCLARK & I now have a guide service on Granbury and Grapevine.

2007 Ranger 1750VS
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Lunker Extreme

Posts: 535

Well, it seems I’m a little like many of you, and completely like none of you, so I cut and pasted, and sometimes edited a lot of your comments to fill my profile and added a few of my own......

Anthony Hicks
Age - 37
Princeton Texas
I'm close to gilberts if any of you all know where that is. If I walk out of my front yard I'm on the corps land.
Work in a datacenter

3 dogs-Australian Sheppard/ Blue heeler mix (1 a pure genius, 1 a little to crafty, 1 with the IQ of a hamster)
2 inside/outside cats and 2 barn cats
115 gallon Reef Aquarium
1 – Horse (Flathead)

Significant other of 16 years. 1 – Grandbaby. Yeah, I’m a 37 year old grandpa!

Favorite Lake: 1) Sam Rayburn, but usually not more than once a year.  2) Ray Roberts, Texoma, Purtis Creek, Bridgeport in no particular order
Least favorite lake: Lake Lavon!
Lake most often fished: Lake Lavon since it’s in the back yard.
Favorite Fish to fish: Black Bass, sandbass, crappie

I have been fishing seriously for about 10 years.

Things I want to work on: learning to read changing fish patterns - I tend to go back to the same spot where I caught all the fish the last time and get skunked 3 or 4 times before I finally get desperate and begin trying something new. Learning to find and fish deep water structure(s).

Boat: 1999 Cobra 201D with Mercury 225 EFI

Best day fishing: Lost count around 300 sandbass on Lavon one day 4 or 5 years ago. Mostly small, all stacked up in deep water. Stumbled on the spot by accident.

Favorite fishing partner: Kids! Love to get kids fishing. Anyone else who does not readily have the opportunity to get out and fish, especially from a boat.

Best thing about fishing for me: relaxing and challenging, outdoors.

Biggest fish: Something in Mexico! Forget what it was!

Favorite baits: Bass – Soft plastics, crappie- jigs, sandbass- clear torpedo when they are on top (is there anything else?) Spoons for slabbin’

hobbies: fishing, gardening, music, reef aquariums

favorite food: Anything cooked by someone else!

Looking for fishing partners: When the opportunity is right.

Even though I'm pushing 40, I'm still stuck in the 80's. I listen to heavy metal music, love most sports, I dove hunt every year, and I fish all the time. Sometimes that gets me in trouble with the Mrs., but she understands that it's better than hanging out at bars. I will love my beer until you pry it from my cold dead hands!

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Posts: 28

Jerry Coleman
Lucas, Tx

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and really enjoy it.  I'm 48, married 18 years, two daughters 15 & 13.

My wife Carla and I own a small Heating and Air Conditioning Company.  Its a family thing, she handles the phones & books while I run the calls.
I have an Associate Science Degree in HVAC from Eastfield Community College.

I also enjoy vintage Muscle Cars.  Carla has a 66 Mustang Convertible and I tinker with a 66 Mustang Fastback.

My true hobby is fishing.  I am originally from NC and fished for crappie and bucket mouth bass.  Moved to Texas in 81 and caught a hybrid at Cedar Creek and discovered Texas fishing!  I've done the stipper/hybrid thing and now enjoy sand bass fishing with friends and family.  I want to get on some crappie and catfish in the winter and early spring months as I have more free time.  Summers are bz for HVAC folks!

Presently I am shopping for a new boat as we sold our boat last year.  I wish for a Honda four stroke this time around, but I must be frugal if my daughters follow through with "our" plans for them to attend college. I'm going to the boat show, so wish me luck!  

We are looking forward to meeting everyone at the get together.


ps  The link at the end of my post is a HVAC forum, it is very informative and is not an advertisement for my business.  Knowledge is power. icon_wink

Jerry Coleman -
Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning
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Posts: 45

Joe Flores
Age - 32
Dallas, TX

Vice President in Technology at a major financial company in the metroplex.

1 choc lab.  that's smarter than I am.

Will be married for the first time in March (I know...I Know...I didn't plan well with Spring fishing also in March, but at least it's early March).  Bachelor Party is in Venice, Louisiana fishing for Yellow Fin Tuna with my buddies..... on Mardi Gras weekend.  Hmmmmm.

Favorite Lake - Lavon and Texoma:  Lavon is much closer and easier to get around, but you have to watch out for those darn stumps.  However, my favorite fishing spot is the coast.... see next paragraph below.

Boat - 2002 Fishmaster (21') - I probably look like a schmuck with my center console boat on Lavon, but I need that boat to head to the coast.   I enjoy heading down there and chase those reds and trout and whatever else that will bend the rod.   The wife-to-be's parents live in Clear at least it gives me something to do when I'm down there (I can be in the salty water in 5 minutes from their house).

Best thing about fishing for me - taking a leak (going to the bathroom) on my boat in front of everyone while standing on the stern of my boat while your "friends" are trying to rock the boat to knock you into the water..... AND I've been very fortunate that the wife-to-be loves to fish as well.  So being with her on the boat is very relaxing.  And having the hankering for a cold beer at 7am (Please do not drink and drive or boat and drive....that's why the wife-to-be is with me)

Biggest Fish - 120# yellow fin tuna (salt-water); 78# grass carp (fresh-water with bow/arrow) 15# cat (rod/reel)

Favorite bait - cats - shad; crappie/sandies - artificials; bass - artificials; rough fish - bow/arrow (catch & release of course....)

Hobbies - Projects around the house (have to keep busy); Fishing; Hunting; Fixing my boat (that's an evil but necessary hobby); cooking; computers (it's my job, so I need to like it as a hobby as well)

Food - Mexican

Where my handle came from - I enjoy Cosmo from Seinfeld.

How I started fishing - my dad got me hooked with party boats going off shore from South Padre Island.  The first time I went, I was about 10 and I threw up a few times.  The second time I only threw up once; the third time, I just felt sick the entire time; Then, on the fourth trip, I started to enjoy them.

Fishing Partner - The wife-to-be and anyone else who would like to join me.  Just ask.

I would like to thank everyone who always posts on this board; I do not post enough, but I enjoy the reading of the posts.  I also would like to thank Jerry Hancock for all the suggestions and advise he has provided me.   (I feel like I just won a Golden Globe award or something like that).


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Posts: 63

Nate Harris
Age 29
Denton, TX.

Financial Consultant - DaimlerChrysler Financial Services

Married - No Kids - 2 cats

Favorite Lake - Any one that has fish (I live close to Ray Roberts and grew up on Ray Hubbard - I fish Lewisville alot)

Boat - 77 Monarch (piece of junk) Runs sometimes.  Am looking for a new one.

Best thing about fishing for me - Getting away from the fast paced workplace.  Getting to catch fish on my homemade crappie jigs.

Biggest Fish - 76 lb. Flathead (trotline) - 11.2 Black Bass (Fork)

Favorite Bait - My homemade Crappie Jigs.  Anything soft plastic. Cut Shad for Cats.

Hobbies - Hunting (love to bow hunt), Fishing, making jigs, trying to get caught on laundry.

Food - Anything except liver.

I startd fishing as a young boy.  I have always been intrigued by the outdoors, and am finding quickly that the coporate world is not for me.  I enjoy hunting (especially bow hunting) and am trying to get my wife envolved.  It's good to find a website that is dedicated to the sport that I love and to have others like me.  Thanks for all of the good advice that I have gotten and thanks to Steve-O for always answering my posts.  Always looking for a fishing partner, so drop me a line we'll go catch a mess of fish.


Christ said,
"Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."
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Lunker Extreme

Posts: 416

Welcome aboard Nate, I second the liver thing. Sad

Jim reed
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Posts: 9

Maaike Gomes
Plano, TX
Age 25
Stay at home

Married 2 years to a fishing husband  Smiley  and no kids
2 Rats (both the IQ of a golden retriever Tongue )

2 freshwater aquariums

Favorite Lake: Lake Texoma, I am new to Lake Lavon, so I dont know yet, will have my first fishing experience there this sunday, (thanks Jason! Cheesy )

Favorite Fish to fish: Catfish and Largemouth Bass, also this year I wanna try to catch some Carp

I have been back to fishing seriously for about 1 year. I used to fish alot as kid but then stopped (but I don't know why)  :?  however fishing in the USA is different then in Holland, so I have to basically start from scratch.

Things I want to work on: almost everything but detecting light bites, and knowing wich fish to catch where and when,

Boat: unfortunatly we don't have a boat (maybe in the far future icon_question )

Favorite fishing partner : Hubby, but looking forward to add some more people to this question  Cheesy  Cheesy

Best thing about fishing for me: relaxing and challenging, I like being outdoors

Biggest fish: catfish about 10lbs, crappie about 12 inches, sanbass 15 inches

favorite baits: LMB - Plastic Grubs, Catfish - Bacon, whitebread

hobbies: fishing, hiking, surfing the net, birdwatching, horsebackriding (i dont have a horse  Sad  

favorite food: Indian and Indonesian

Looking for fishing partners: Yes, I would love to get to know some people who like to go fishing with us, unfortunatly we still dont have a boat

Catch and Release fishing is a lot like golf. You don't have to eat the ball to have a good time.
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