Lake Lavon Fishing
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May 26, 2019, 06:42:02 PM

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This worked pretty well on TFF so we thought we would start it here.  It gives us a way to tell about ourselves since some of us have never met.  Here is me in a nutshell (an empty one at that)

Shawn Thomas
Mckinney, TX
Age 28
Work at EDS doing technical support

2 dogs-Golder retrievers (both with the IQ of a hamster)

Favorite Lake: obviously Lake lavon because it is close and I have begun to learn it fairly well

Favorite Fish to fish: a tie between crappie and sandbass

I have been back to fishing seriously for about 1 year.  I used to fish alot as kid but then stopped (but I don't know why)

Things I want to work on: detecting light bites (cats), locating crappie in the winter, jigging with spoons for sandies.  

Boat: 1992 16 ft Sprint boat (blue) and 50HP nissan motor

Favorite fishing partner :wifey, when she'll join me

Best thing about fishing for me: relaxing and challenging, get to meet alot of good people, I like being out in nature

Biggest fish: catfish about 10lbs, crappie about 12 inches, sanbass 15 inches

favorite baits: crappie- minnows, cats- DK, sandbass- inline spinners

hobbies: fishing, gardening, surfing the net

favorite food: mexican

Looking for fishing partners: Yes, invite yourself if you want. I can't promise you that'll your learn a whole lot, but you will probably not be outfished  icon_lol

Let us know about you! Cheesy Cheesy

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I bought a box of animal crackers and it said on it "Do not eat if seal is broken." So I opened up the box, and sure enough...
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Wow good post shawn..I will give it a try.

Adam Wakely
Carrollton, TX
Age 25
Work at EDS doing technical support

1 Cat that is about 5 years old and I think may be crazy  icon_lol

Favorite Lake: Hmmm let me think.....Lake Lavon. It is close and has a good varity of fish to chase.

Favorite Fish to fish: Sandbass and Catfish

Been fishing hard for about 6 months..fished as a youngster in Lousiana alot.

Things I want to work on: Catching Fish  icon_wink and being able to find fish from looking at conditions and surrondings

Boat: 1978 18.5 ft Ranger (blue) and 115HP evenrude motor

Favorite fishing partner :wife and shawn

Best thing about fishing for me: relax and get away from computers

Biggest fish: catfish about 17lbs (red river and long ago), crappie about 10 inches, sanbass ?

favorite baits: crappie- minnows and jigs, cats- DK and frozen shad, sandbass- inline spinners

hobbies: fishing, computers, this website

favorite food: mexican

Looking for fishing partners: Yes but I haven't got to hit the lake much lately

Catch and Release fishing is a lot like golf.  You don't have to eat the ball to have a good time.

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Mike Snow, 32, Richardson.

Email administrator for a VERY large corporation.  

I fish for bass for money, sandies for fun, stripers for adrenaline, and catfish for eating.  The sandies and stripers make it to the table too Smiley.

I fish the lazy man's way (unless it's for money).  Tex, for instance, fishes to catch fish, I fish for fun.  My drifts are sloppy, too long, in the wrong area half the time, etc.  Besides, if you don't catch too many, you can toss them back as being "not worth the trouble of cleaning" Smiley.

My wife rarely fishes with me, though I hope to change that.  I hit her with buying another boat and her eyes lit up when I said "dual console" Smiley.  

I have a 3 month old little girl.  For those who haven't known me long, she has sure mellowed me.  About half way through the pregnancy, I determined that this was for real... ex-wife lost a baby early in the pregnancy, so I conditioned myself for that possibility.

I have an 18' Xpress aluminum bass boat with a 115 evinrude.  She's cold natured and contankerous, but aren't we all? Smiley

I do plan to fish ACATS for 2003 (catfish tourneys).  

I fish Cedar Creek, Lavon, and Texoma regularly.  I know Lavon better than any of them, but it's the lake I fish least if I'm planning to catch fish.  Cedar Creek is my "go to" lake for catfishing.  I'm working to make Lavon more friendly to me for catfishing.

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Ok, here we go for the up close and personal.

Doug Elliott
Plano, Tx
Age 56 but I feel a lot younger--updated to reflect 2009 age and more current info

Nursing Home Administrator, have been in NH business since 78.  Also have an engraving business at the house I work as a sideline. Catfish Guide

2 dogs--3 cats

Married -- 4 kiddos--daughter-22, son-21, son-19, son-almost 8, 2 grandsons-1.5 yrs, and 3 months.

Favorite Lake if of course Lavon--T-Wok

Favorite fish to catch--guess that would be catfish but have fished for just about everything at one time or another.  

Did the bass fishing tournament stuff years ago but now I just fish for fun.....Granted it is more fun to catch fish but just getting out on the Lake is reward enough.  Getting a bite and setting the hook, well now that is just exciting no matter how many times you have done it.

Things to work on:  Learning more about Lavon and teaching the kiddos how much fun fishing can be.  I really want them all to enjoy it as much as I do.  Not sure that is possible but will continue working on it.

Boat: 2003 Crestliner, 115 Yamaha

Favorite Fishing Partner:  My wife of course but she is more of a fair weather fisher.  Lots of fishing stories with Txlunkerhunter. Bounce King and I fish a lot together.

Best thing about fishing for me:  "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it."

Biggest Fish:  61 lb blue
Favorite baits:  Catfish--shad, DK  Sandbass--1/8 oz jig with white curly tailed grub   Bass--worm   Striper--shad    crappie--jig, minnows

Hobbies:  Fishing is the obvious, Golf--but don't get to play much anymore, Cooking my famous Peanut Butter Fudge and pretty good at regular foods too...meat and taters of course...

Favorite Foods:  Shrimp Baton Rouge that my wife cooks if eating at home, grilled steaks, seafood----guess I just like to eat but don't do too many vegies.

Looking for fishing Partners:  I love to fish....

Last Edit: June 25, 2009, 10:17:30 PM by Tex

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Howdy guy's
Jimmy Whitsell
Farmersville Texas
Age- 42
Work for IBM in Dallas. Computer systems analyst. (Mainframe)

I'm twice divorced and have a  13 year old daughter that is a great kid. (So far)  she lives with her mom who is a great lady and mom.

Favorite lake would be Lavon. I just recently started fishing again. Did a lot when I was a kid but like others I guess I let life get in the way of fishing but i'm back now.

I mostly fish for Cat's.  I do like fishing for crappie or really anything that will bite the hook. I just mainly like being outdoors and listining to nature. Fishing is a great stress releif from my job which is very demanding at times.

My favorite bait is shad wormed on a hook. I need a few lessons in fishing with punch bait. I know this because I have yet to catch a fish on punch bait.

I love to cook and have been told by many that I'm very good at it. I agree with them too.  

Favorite food is anything cooked by me.  Cheesy

I don't have a boat yet but I'm working on that. I'm alway's looking for a fishing partner whether it' s in a boat or walking the creek bank's.

My hobbies are fishing and cooking and I try to stay in practice drinking a cold beer from time to time.  Cheesy

My favorite saying - In life you get what you put in and people get what they deserve.

Early to bed early to rise. Fish all day and make up lies.
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Gene Hensley
Allen, TX

Work for EDS as a Project Manager

I'm married with 3 kids that range in years from 18 to 23...I've got plenty of hormones around here - if you need some jus lemme know!

I hadn't fished in probably 15 or 20 years until till last October.  I went night fishing while camping at Texoma and caught 3 bass...looks like I'm going to enjoy this "sweet sickness!"

I was brought up fishing for bass.  I am now learning about fishing for catfish, since that appears to be what Lavon is serving up.

I piddle with rose gardening, and Bonsai trees (though recent problems wiped out my trees).

My wife and I really enjoy just about anything that allows us to be outdoors.

Favorite sayings...."Can't never did!" and "If it ain't broke...don't fix it!"

Hoping to meet some fishing partners in order to learn more about fishing and the fabrication of good fishing stories!

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Ok, I'll give it a try.

  Jerry Hancock
  age 32 (feel older)
Rural mail carrier -  full time
Fishing guide- part time

  4 kids- 13, son   12 ,daughter and two boys 4 and 2
  Started young and started over later

  Favorite lake is Lavon,  my first memory is walking the levee around Club Lake (Bratonia) when I was about 3 with my dad.

   Striper fished Texoma for several years
    Fished Bass tourneys for  a good while

  I can't get off Lavon much now, it  seems to change every year so I spend alot of time relearning it. It may take me a trip or two but  We'll find out where they are.

 My favorite fishing is spring time Crappie on a jig, second would be chasing the Blues. I like the challenge of locating and catching the Cats at every time of the year.

 My best advice is,  "if they aren't biting, move! "

04' Crappie USA Region 4 Champion
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DOB: 11/28/68
Machinist/Boiler Operator
2 daughters 9 and 4       1 son 2
My boys favorite saying  is ,  Pole, hooks
9 year old wants nothing to do with the outdoors
4 year old loves it
Love building fishing poles
No pets (YET) tryin to talk the wife into a Rott.
I taught myself everything I know about the outdoors (EVERYTHING) because my dad was to busy (He now takes credit for it though) I try to teach him something new every time we go fishing
The wife hates the outdoors (if it don't have A.C. she ain't goin)
This is hard :?
Someday I will have a Lund Boat
Hardest thing to figure out, The perfect Cattin rod, I'm workin on it though
Wish list: I hope my kids grow up and love the outdoors as much as I do!!!!!    I hope Jerry,Tex,or Snowman have a empty spot in there boats when I come down to visit. Cheesy
Favorite time to fish: when its rainin

Jim reed
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Scott Bursik
McKinney TX.
(Computer Geek)
Boat: None at the Moment
Favorite Freshwater Fish Species: Catfish
Grew up in Southern California fishing salt water and BIG  black bass
Biggest Fish: 5 foot Blue Shark
Hobbies: Fishing, Computers, Guitar, and did I mention fishing?
Favorite Lake: Texoma and Lavon

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Steven Garcia


2 kids...1 2yr old....6yr old dog...yeah she is like a kid as well

Lowly grunt for a circuit board company

Fav. Lake: Lavon...since fishing with LLGS, I just can't seem to leave would be Tawakoni....

Fav. Fish: that order....

Have been fishing off and on since I was about 10 or 11 yrs old.....but have really started to hit it hard since getting my boat this past year.

Boat: 17'6 Alumacraft (blue) 90hp Merc. get's the job done, but wish I would've gotten a center console....I'm working on that though.....

Biggest fish: a big old blue cat...see photo album and you decide the weight......42 inch Striper.....2lb crappie.....

Hobbies: I can't do any of those for some reason, I play QII on the puter......

That's about all for now.....

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Jake Jacobs
Allen, TX
Age 41

Work for a Software company in sales

3 Dogs and you can have them all

Favorite Lake: Although I fish Lavon most often my favorite has to be Bridgeport

Favorite Fish to fish: Bass, Striper, Crappie, Sandies really anything that swims

Like a lot of people I fished all the time growing up then got married had kids (3 all boys 7-15yrs) spent most of my time chasing them and the dollar. Three years ago took a fishing trip with some friends and I was gut hooked. Bought a boat one month later.

Things I want to work on: Figuring out the right way to use my electronics

Boat: 2000 Nitro 882 w115HP  

Favorite fishing partner : 8 Year old Son- Will fish for hours. One day we had been on the water from 6:00AM to 1:00PM without a bite. I said lets go there not biting today, he responded “Let’s give it another hour Dad”.

Best thing about fishing for me: Just being there

Biggest fish: Largemouth Bass 8lbs 6oz, Smallmouth Bass 5lbs 2oz

favorite baits: Jerk Bait, Tail Spinner, Anything on a Carolina Rig

hobbies: Fishing, and Hunting

favorite food: Chicken Fried Steak (I am a Native)

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Rick Castillo
Age 28

Work for AT&T Broadband,soon to be Comcast, as a Broadband Service Technician

Married for almost 6 years this Feb. with 2 kids, 1 boy 5 and one girl 3.

No pets yet

Favorite fish to fish for:Hybrids,sandies,and crappie.

Favorite lake to fish would have to be cooper only because thats where I've always gone until recently. Now that I have a boat I was fishing the power plant at Lavon late last year,I'm wanting to learn more about Lavon, I've always fished from the bank so learning the lake is going to  take a little getting used to.

Biggest fish would have to be a 24lb cat from Lake Cooper.

Boat is a '97 18ft Pro Craft w/ Merc 115.

Hobbies are woodworking,fishing,and staying out of the dog house.

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hmm I guess I'll try this.

   Location Princeton texas. I'm close to gilberts if any of you all know where that is. If I walk out of my back yard I'm on the corps land.

  Age I'm only 15.

Pets I have a hyperactive pointer thats about a year old. I have 2 peach-faced love birds.

Hobbies: fishing, hunting,  road cycling, (road bike like lance armstrong) and just recently I took up building wooden boats I'm still working on my first one though.

Your a Maltese I'm a Pitbull off his leash.
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Rosemary Wakely  (Adam's wife)
Carrollton, TX
Age 25
Work at EDS doing Customer Care Support

1 Cat that is about 5 years old

Favorite Lake: Lake Lavon
Favorite Fish to fish: Sandbass and Catfish

Been fishing for about 8 months, used to fish with my grandfather when I was little

Boat: 1978 18.5 ft Ranger (blue) and 115HP evenrude motor

Favorite fishing partner :husband

Best thing about fishing for me: relax and get away from chores and work

favorite baits: crappie- minnows and jigs, cats- DK and frozen shad, sandbass- inline spinners

hobbies: fishing, being with family and friends

favorite food: italian and seafood

Set the Hook!

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