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March 26, 2019, 10:14:41 PM

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might be losing my huntin' spot  (Read 1899 times)
Lunker Extreme

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Well,  probably gonna have to fork over some money for a lease or something..
Our spot in East Texas is gonna go quick if the buyer gets the financing..
All those years of free hunting.. oh well, not my place so I cant complain..

maybe I can figure out a nice spot closer to home where I can actually get a deer every year... icon_rolleyes

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So sad to lose a used hunting spot. there are lot of advantages when we hunt in a regular spot. It is not easy to find a good spot again. Actually can't you ask them and discuss about it ?
If I were you, I'll try to keep that spot ( at least give some try Smiley )

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Lunker Extreme

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shoot it was free..  so im not complaining..   cousins father in law sold the land to a young guy, wanted to put a house on it..
plus if I wanted to really lease, I think I would find better woods..

But man, I am severly dissapointed.. you cant find a good lease without 15 other people already on 20 acres,  or somebody wants 2000 for just the season..
its like trying to find a needle in a haystack.. 

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