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January 23, 2019, 04:59:28 PM

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camo'd out the shotgun.  (Read 8628 times)
Lunker Extreme

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For KG,  I use the copper solvent,  the carbon cleaner, and the polisher/copper remover..   That seems to clean up my barrel better than anything I can buy at academy..   and I dont work for them.. 
My buddy pitted his gun with sweets 7.62,  I dont want to go that route,   the KG is alright to leave for a little while, 30 minutes if you got to..
All kinds of crap came right out of my barrel, that I couldnt see, or didnt know was in there..

I fire lapped my barrel after a good cleaning with that stuff,  then cleaned real good after that.. my factory remington barrel is mirror finished now,  and is as accurate as I can shoot.  I can now cloverleaf a group at 100 yards with little effort, just shooting off of bean bags.. 
I shot a group before lapping,  after cleaning with the KG, and it was the best it had been ever,  lapped, and now its just awesome..
The copper cleaner will help get the burnt plastic out of the shotguns tubes from the sabots as well.

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