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February 17, 2019, 02:40:55 AM

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Finally some truth coming out about firearms going to Mexico  (Read 2662 times)
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i don't want this to get overly political.. but this confirms a lot of what I have believed since all this America Supplying the Mexican drug cartels drama came out.

how long have we heard that cartels are getting fully automatic guns from the US... but wait, you can't buy full auto (no gun made after 1986 and has been heavily regulated since 1930's or something crazy like that)

How long have we heard they are getting mortars, grenades, rocket launchers from US.... where the heck can you buy any of those legally.  I would like to have 1 grenade.  Just 1.. I think it would be a cool experience...once  icon_cool  ok maybe twice.

Now granted I think it would be ignorant to say no weapons are going from the US to mexico... but why would they want to go through that hassle a lot when they can get a whole boat load of them from overseas.

and PS, I think fox probably skews this a little bit just like cnn etc skews the other direction... fox just skews it more to my liking  icon_biggrin

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Well there ya go! Just another politician spewing forth more garbage and false factoids (lying) to feather their chest when all the while they be totally ignorant bout whut they be talkin bout. Typical politician me thinks.

Whut bothers me most is folks actually believe the crap our Congres spews forth in its infinite ignorance!

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The primary source for weapons for the cartels is the Mexican army and police who get raided on a regular basis and have weapons stolen.  One source stated they get up to 80% of their weapons that way.  Why pay for something you can get for free. 

"For Sale - Mexican Army rifle - dropped once - never fired"

As for the grenades - I always thought the M-203 was more fun than throwing a grenade.   150 yards plus range!   

There is ALWAYS room for one more fishing rod in your collection!!!
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