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1  Fishing Lake Lavon / Catfishing Forum / Re: Bank/3 Mar on: March 10, 2018, 11:57:38 AM
Speaking of long time no post - its been awhile.  Finally retired and have a lake lot on TWOK.  Went out this morning to test the shallow water crappie bite and the first cast got a good hit then realized this was NO crappie! Started stripping line and the fight was on so I went through the usual suspects - big bass, sandy or hybrid, buffalo but no turned out to be a 4 lb blue! Cool. No crappie though.  The water is still going over the spillway so lake fishing has been slow.
2  Tackle and Equipment / Reels,Poles, and Line / Re: What A Bargain! on: October 05, 2017, 12:12:39 AM
I think I'll buy a couple then ask for a full refund - I could use a couple of million. icon_razz
3  Fishing Lake Lavon / Catfishing Forum / Re: Sunken car off East Fork ramp with HUGE catfish in it!! on: July 31, 2016, 02:22:43 PM
Call "Under Tow Wrecker Service"  they will haul it out for double parking in a boat ramp zone!   B-W-A-A-H-A-H-A-H-A!!!!

When the lake went down to -17 feet I spotted a couple of cars on the north end of the Mallard train trestle.  Good fish cover now.
4  Fishing Lake Lavon / Catfishing Forum / Re: Big bait big fish or so I'm told on: July 31, 2016, 02:16:36 PM
I was always being scolded by my mom when I was a kid about my eyes being bigger than my stomach when I dished out too much food on my plate.  My mom owes me an apology . . .    I wonder if they dropped a couple of Alka-Seltzers in the tank.  Ha!
5  Fishing Lake Lavon / Catfishing Forum / Re: Identification of species below 78 Dam. on: July 14, 2015, 06:40:26 PM
I have seen water dogs reach 18" easy and they are very common in this area.  Sometimes they will stay in the aquatic stage their entire lives without ever transforming into a salamander.  The main evidence of it being a salamander of some sort are the front feet and external gills and the lack of a full length dorsal fin.  eels do not have external gills.  Also salamanders are like frogs they go through a two legged tadpole stage before forming 4 legs.
6  Fishing Lake Lavon / Catfishing Forum / Re: petition to protect Lake Tawakoni catfish...please read on: March 15, 2015, 06:30:32 PM
I would like to see a thorough research project be conducted on a couple of similar lakes in which one lake had a catch and release policy and the other lake with no controls then compare the lakes over a period of 5-7 years before any permanent rules were binding just to see what "real" results were not just speculation that one thing or another was best.  It should be funded from our fishing licenses so that the management of the resource is directly tied to the needs of the fisherman and not some liberal retarded "brain trust" from Californicate that just moved to Texas and wants to stop anything that remotely looks fun.
7  Fishing Lake Lavon / Catfishing Forum / Re: petition to protect Lake Tawakoni catfish...please read on: March 09, 2015, 04:55:31 PM
It is too bad that folks just can't seem to use common sense anymore and things like this end up in the hands of the government.  You have to be extraordinarily cautious in giving the State a reason to regulate something because the next thing you know some stoopid idiot will decide to write an executive order to ban fishing altogether to "protect" the fish from fishermen.  I have been practicing CPR for more than a decade and I think we as fishermen need to educate others in conservation rather than allowing well-meaning legislation to be corrupted by activists and cram unintended consequences down our throats.  Remember I warned you!!!   

8  Fishing Lake Lavon / Crappie Fishing Forum / Re: Lake Level on: March 09, 2015, 04:39:44 PM
MAN, I am so tired of picking ticks off catfish - glad the lakes are coming up.  I crossed over Tawakoni yesterday and the water is just reaching Duck Cove marina so a few boats look like they might actually be floating again.
9  General Area / General Discussion / PRAYERS AND MORE PRAYERS NEEDED!!! on: November 20, 2014, 04:10:35 PM
A tragic accident occurred in Louisiana yesterday killing five out of eight members of the Hardman family from Terrell.  Michael Hardman taught 2nd grade in Terrell and his wife Trudi taught school in Wills Point.  My office admin clerk's kids attend school where Michael taught.  Both parents were killed along with their 4 year old daughter and two sons ages 7 and 15.  Their 16 year old son was driving and apparently fell asleep and veered into the center median overreacted and caused the vehicle to begin flipping over ejecting five of the family members who were not wearing seat belts.  The driver and two of his brothers survived the crash.  Please pray for this family and all of their friends and family and students and especially for the 16 year old who was driving who will have to bear this burden for the rest of his life.   The family was headed to Disney World. 

10  General Area / General Discussion / Get Well Card on: August 20, 2014, 01:26:57 PM
On the outside of a Get Well Card was this quote from 2 Corinthians 11:

I have worked much harder,
I have been in prison more frequently,
I have been flogged more severely,
and been exposed to death again and again.
Five times I received forty lashes minus one.
Three times I was beaten with rods,
Once I was stoned, three times I was shipwrecked,
I spent a night and a day in the open sea, 
I have been constantly on the move.
I have been in danger from rivers, in danger from bandits,
In danger from my fellow Jews, in danger from Gentiles;
In danger in the city, in danger in the country,
In danger at sea; and in danger from false believers.
I have labored and toiled and have often gone without sleep;
I have known hunger and thirst and have often gone without food;
and I have been cold and naked.

On the inside of the card:

. . . SO, how have you been? 
11  Fishing Lake Lavon / Bass Fishing Forum / New Personal Best on: August 06, 2014, 11:50:57 AM
I took two of my grandsons to Mill Creek in Canton last Saturday and had a blast.  This was Jacob's my 9 year old grandson first trip and he said, "In my mind fishing was a lot easier than in real life!"  Ha!  Then later he said that he thought he was addicted to fishing!  The funniest moment came when he landed a small bream and then wouldn't pick it up because it was "gross" and then said, "I know I need to man up!"  What a HOOT!  It doesn't get any better than that!!! Then I caught a monster bass that was an inch shorter than the lure!

12  General Area / General Discussion / Parachutes on: July 24, 2014, 01:31:56 PM
Parachutes are like guns - if you need one and don't have one then you probably won't need one again.

13  General Area / General Discussion / Pray for Israel on: July 24, 2014, 10:42:45 AM
If you listen to the lamestream media you would think that Israel was doing nothing but killing women and children in Gaza against the Palestinians but the FACTS show otherwise:

Since 1950 the Israeli/Arab conflict has resulted in approximately 51,000 deaths of which 35,000 were Arabs (muslims) in the same time frame 9,900,000 muslims were killed by other muslims!!!   The FACT is that the Palestinians hide their munitions and rocket batteries in schools, hospitals and mosques then when Israel conducts a precision airstrike to take them out it invariably results in a few civilian deaths that are then used by Hamas and Fatah to scream "Foul".  Just as the North Vietnamese used women and children as human shields so do the muslims who purposely sacrifice their children for political purposes - unthinkable to Christians.  Pray for Israel.

Conflicts since 1950 with over 10,000 Fatalities (all figures rounded)*

1  40,000,000    Red China, 1949-76 (outright killing, manmade famine, Gulag)
2  10,000,000    Soviet Bloc: late Stalinism, 1950-53; post-Stalinism, to 1987 (mostly Gulag)
3  4,000,000      Ethiopia, 1962-92: Communists, artificial hunger, genocides
4  3,800,000      Zaire (Congo-Kinshasa): 1967-68; 1977-78; 1992-95; 1998-present
5  2,800,000      Korean war, 1950-53
6  1,900,000      Sudan, 1955-72; 1983-2006 (civil wars, genocides)
7  1,870,000      Cambodia: Khmer Rouge 1975-79; civil war 1978-91
8  1,800,000      Vietnam War, 1954-75
9  1,800,000      Afghanistan: Soviet and internecine killings, Taliban 1980-2001
10  1,250,000    West Pakistan massacres in East Pakistan (Bangladesh 1971)
11  1,100,000    Nigeria, 1966-79 (Biafra); 1993-present
12  1,100,000    Mozambique, 1964-70 (30,000) + after retreat of Portugal 1976-92
13  1,000,000    Iran-Iraq-War, 1980-88
14  900,000       Rwanda genocide, 1994
15  875,000       Algeria: against France 1954-62 (675,000); between Islamists and the government 1991-2006 (200,000)
16  850,000       Uganda, 1971-79; 1981-85; 1994-present
17  650,000       Indonesia: Marxists 1965-66 (450,000); East Timor, Papua, Aceh etc, 1969-present (200,000)
18  580,000       Angola: war against Portugal 1961-72 (80,000); after Portugal's retreat (1972-2002)
19  500,000       Brazil against its Indians, up to 1999
20  430,000       Vietnam, after the war ended in 1975 (own people; boat refugees)
21  400,000       Indochina: against France, 1945-54
22  400,000       Burundi, 1959-present (Tutsi/Hutu)
23  400,000       Somalia, 1991-present
24  400,000       North Korea up to 2006 (own people)
25  300,000       Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, 1980s-1990s
26  300,000       Iraq, 1970-2003 (Saddam against minorities)
27  240,000       Colombia, 1946-58; 1964-present
28  200,000       Yugoslavia, Tito regime, 1944-80
29  200,000       Guatemala, 1960-96
30  190,000       Laos, 1975-90
31  175,000       Serbia against Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, 1991-1999
32  150,000       Romania, 1949-99 (own people)
33  150,000       Liberia, 1989-97
34  140,000       Russia against Chechnya, 1994-present
35  150,000       Lebanon civil war, 1975-90
36  140,000       Kuwait War, 1990-91
37  130,000       Philippines: 1946-54 (10,000); 1972-present (120,000)
38  130,000       Burma/Myanmar, 1948-present
39  100,000       North Yemen, 1962-70
40  100,000       Sierra Leone, 1991-present
41  100,000       Albania, 1945-91 (own people)
42  90,000          Syria, 1982 (against Islamists in Hama - 20,000), since 2011 (70,000+) 4 Americans & the rest muslim
43  80,000          Iran, 1978-79 (revolution)
44  75,000          Iraq, 2003-present (domestic)
45  75,000          El Salvador, 1975-92
46  70,000          Eritrea against Ethiopia, 1998-2000
47  68,000          Sri Lanka, 1997-present
48  60,000          Zimbabwe, 1966-79; 1980-present
49  60,000          Nicaragua, 1972-91 (Marxists/natives etc,)
50  51,000       Arab-Israeli conflict 1950-present
51  50,000          North Vietnam, 1954-75 (own people)
52  50,000         Tajikistan, 1992-96 (secularists against Islamists)
53  50,000         Equatorial Guinea, 1969-79
54  50,000       Peru, 1980-2000
55  50,000         Guinea, 1958-84
56  40,000         Chad, 1982-90
57  30,000         Bulgaria, 1948-89 (own people)
58  30,000         Rhodesia, 1972-79
59  30,000         Argentina, 1976-83 (own people)
60  27,000         Hungary, 1948-89 (own people)
61  26,000         Kashmir independence, 1989-present
62  25,000         Jordan government vs. Palestinians, 1970-71 (Black September)
63  22,000         Poland, 1948-89 (own people)
64  20,000        Chinese-Vietnamese war, 1979
65  19,000        Morocco: war against France, 1953-56 (3,000) and in Western Sahara, 1975-present (16,000)
66  18,000        Congo Republic, 1997-99
67  10,000        South Yemen, 1986 (civil war)
14  Fishing Lake Lavon / Crappie Fishing Forum / Re: The IRS and the fishing captain on: June 24, 2014, 01:36:10 PM
I think it should be perfectly acceptable to tell the IRS when you get audited that all of your receipts and deductions were on your computer that is backed up to the cloud somehow crashed 5 minutes after you received the audit letter and you now have no records whatsoever and the funny thing is the copies at H&R Block and at work also disappeared - imagine that.   icon_rolleyes icon_rolleyes icon_rolleyes
15  General Area / General Discussion / Re: Smoking/BBQ advice on: June 12, 2014, 10:16:30 PM
I agree to smoke at 225 degrees unwrapped with the fat side up (I trim the fat down to 1/4" - 3/8" thick) with thick end closest to the fire box as this is the hotter end until the internal temp reaches 150-160 degrees (about 6 hours) - then wrap with foil and continue until temp reaches 204-205 then put in ice chest still wrapped in foil and put in a large pan to prevent leakage with towels on the bottom of the ice chest and on top and let rest for 60-90 minutes as mentioned above this will allow it to draw in the juices and will be mouth watering juicy and tender.   The key is to buy a pocket digital meat thermometer.  Chicken - I split in half smoke cut side down for about 2 to 2-1/2 hours then wrap in foil and continue until the internal temp reaches 165 degrees then pull and let rest for 1/2 hour to pull juices back in.  Pecan wood will tend to turn the meat bitter if too much is used (over 6 hours)  I don't add any more wood once I wrap the meat.  Also, after the meat is wrapped you can finish it in the oven.  I converted my smoker's fire box to a propane burner I pulled off my turkey fryer and use a big cast iron frying pan I picked up at a garage sale cheap to throw chunks of wood in.  I can control the temp easily within 5 degrees for hours and hours.  I also whole heartedly endorse using a water pan with apple juice or apple cider vinegar and water and using mustard to hold the rub on.  Try smoking some sea salt and black pepper for use on food in the kitchen - m-m-m on fried eggs.  The reason to wrap as mentioned above is to speed the cooking time and to keep the meat from drying out - unwrapped meat will go into what is called the "stall" which is when the meat begins to sweat and cool off at the surface which can take 3-6 hours to over come and continue to cook - it will just stay at 165-175 forever it seems.  You will want to keep the smoking at 250 or less because above that temp smoking meats produce carcinogens on the surface.  Grilling is different in which cooking steaks at very high temps is preferrable.
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