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February 21, 2019, 06:51:59 AM

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Wheres the bugs this summer  (Read 367 times)

Lunker Extreme

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Anybody notice that there's a lot less bugs so far this year ? Not that I'm missing the pests, but driving home tonight I realized that I've barely had to wash my windshield this year. I do a lot of driving out in the country and my windshield usually gets plastered. With the exception of chiggers, I've hardly noticed any other bugs. The cicadas are usually deafening by now and hardly heard any at all. Few hoppers, skeeters, june bugs, flies, etc., all of 'em. Can't remeber it ever being like this.

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Lunker Extreme

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Seems like every time I go to work on the boat in the afternoon, the skeeters come out and start attacking - wish there were fewer of those pesky critters!

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